Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MIA on the Blogsphere

This has been me for the past week:
only with long, curly hair.  And female.

I'm managing to keep up with reading most some of the blogs I follow.  If I haven't commented on your posts, don't feel neglected.  I am reading them, just not having time to comment on all of them.

I did notice that I have gotten a few new followers in the past few days.

Welcome.  Make yourselves at home.  But don't invite your creeper ex-girlfriends/boyfriends.  I'm not a fan of crazy. 

A note to you new folks:  I normally post every day, but due to my current endeavor to pass all of my exams this week, things are a little slow.  My last exam is Friday, and things will be back to normal.  Well, as normal as it gets around here, anyway.

So, just bear with me - please don't unfollow me! - and I'll have something humorous, sexy and risque for ya on Friday.  Or something semi-humorous, at least. 



  1. Don't fail your exams for the blog! LOL... shoot I was MIA for a few weeks. I had depression, I am STILL having my quarter-century crisis and I have blogger's block. Yep...issues.

  2. Havent you posted all week so far lol. I swear I remember reading posts everyday...unless I am mistaken?

  3. Jazz - it'll be okay! I promise! I thought 25 was awful. I'm 26 now, and all's well. :)

    Nicole - I did a sorry excuse for Movie Delight Monday (basically I just posted videos from YouTube) and yesterday I just gave a link to my guest post on Jumble Mash (that I wrote last week). So basically, I've been here, but haven't been able to devote the time I usually do to the blog. :) Thanks for noticing though! :)

  4. Yay school! Hope your tests are going well, and that you're reading those books more than drooling on them!

  5. heyyyyyyyyyy jess... been busy too!!! you know.. with family ... hihi..

    im getting the sniffles already because of the cold weather.

    anyway.. ive gained followers too. and i have no freaking idea where they've come from. lol :)

    i cant click on my followers and locate their blogs coz some profiles dont have links to their blogs!! do you have any easier way to visit followers??

  6. good luck with your exams hun :O)
    enjoy your weekend.