Saturday, March 5, 2011

If I ever divorce Hubs, it will most likely be over movie preferences

After being nice enough to let Hubs use the 52" television in the living room all day to play Xbox basketball, I suggested he turn it off so we could all watch a movie together (ie: something everyone in the family would enjoy).  I thought he would play awesome hubs/dad and pick something fun.  So did he pick a Disney film or a cheesy family movie?

Oh, no.  He picked The Fifth Element. 


First of all, I am not a sci-fi fan at all.  Well, minus a very few exceptions such as X-Men, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park.  Even Star Wars was pushing it for me.  Hubs, however, is a true nerd.  His DNA strands probably wear tiny pocket protectors.  He owns the original Star Trek movies as well as the entire Deep Space Nine television series.  He plays World of Warcraft.  He has little models of the Enterprise.  He even had a custom-made Jedi costume that he insists on wearing EVERY SINGLE HALLOWEEN.  Sheesh. 

Despite all of this, he's a pretty cool dude.  He's a great hubs and a wonderful father, so you'd think he'd understand that I do not care to watch anything involving robots (except for Wall-E) and/or futuristic costumes (as if everyone in the future would really wear those hideous silver jumpsuit things). 

Let's analyze sci-fi films for a minute.  I can give you perfect examples of why they suck. 

  • Plot lines - I know people like stories about things that normally wouldn't happen, but some of these are so completely out in left field it's ridiculous. 
    • Ex:  Fifth Element (obviously), The Matrix
  • Costumes - not at all realistic, especially when based in the future
    • Ex:  Demolition Man, Star Trek
  • Villians - generally the same villian in every movie - either a creature, aliens or some really ugly guy with weird hair
    • Ex:  Alien, Predator, X-Files
  • Dialogue - It's like they try to make up as many words/races/worlds as possible. 
    • Ex:  Star Trek, Star Wars, Total Recall
Right now there's this hideous dude (presumably the villain) with some kind of clear plastic thing on his head and his hair showing on one side, complete with creepy oily comb-over.  Said dude also has an accent equal to Dallas, Texas.

If you're a sci-fi fan, I hope you'll forgive me for my feelings of the genre. 

As for me, I guess I'll just Facebook until this ridiculous movie ends.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Great Return

Hey y'all!

No, I didn't die.  Some of you were concerned and checked on me, which I appreciate. As for the rest of you.....FOR SHAME. 

Just kidding.

Seriously though, sorry for my extended absence.  I have SO much reading to do.  I have to catch up on what you guys have all been up to lately.  I've just been so busy the past few months that I've barely had time to catch up on my DVR'd shows.  That's busy. 

So, what have I been up to all this time, you ask?  (Even if you didn't ask, just go with it)

Well, in January I volunteered to be on the committee for my ten-year high school reunion, and that has taken up an enormous amount of my free time - way more than I originally thought it would.  It's a very involved process, much of which the majority of my former classmates have no idea.  There's venue selection - which is ridiculously expensive and a contract must be signed for several THOUSAND dollars - which is no easy decision, then there's the food, band, decorations, theme, keeping up with the Facebook page (my job), people-finding (which thanks to Facebook is impressively easy now) invitations, t-shirt design (another of my jobs), pre-reunion functions, blahbety blah blah.  I'm starting to think I should be getting paid for this.  Whoever made up the word "volunteer" should be shot.  With a bazooka.  Or a cannon. 

Anyhoo, I also started the Spring semester in January, which is going extremely well thus far.  I have some pretty interesting classes, such as Early American History, Art History and Sociology; and some not-so interesting classes, such as Early Civilization (BORING) and Geography of US and Canada (not so bad, I just hate maps).

Aside from that, I've just been busy with the usual - hubs, kiddos, job, etc.  

On a much more exciting note, I have three awesomely fantastical and fantabulous events coming up:

March 13:
Chicka chicka yeah!  The original date was in February, but the Flatts got stuck in Texas due to snow (I know, snow in TEXAS?!  Come on!) and had to be rescheduled.  This will be my second time seeing them in concert, and they're fabulous, so I can't wait!

As if that concert wonderfulness wasn't enough....

April 9:

I say it's a graduation gift for my younger cousin, but I really do want to see her live.  It's going to be freaky and kinky and dirty and I can't wait!

Despite my excitement over the two concerts, neither can even come close to the absolute, six-year-old-on-Christmas-morning, Richard-Simmons-workout-video, over-the-top, complete and total anticipation over what's coming in May:


I cannot accurately express my excitement over this trip.  Five days and four nights in my nation's capital.  I will have the opportunity to be THISCLOSE to the original Declaration of Independence (among other historical documents), walk through the Library of Congress (a bookworm's dream come true), stand in front of the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and so many other monuments, as well as explore a few of the massive Smithsonian Museums and see pieces of history right in front of me.  I've already warned Hubs that I may cry.  More than once.

I've always loved history, but my delight over this trip has solidified my decision to teach history.  How can I not attempt to pass on this affection to young, impressionable minds?  I can only hope my appreciation of history will rub off on my future students. 

So, this is a warning, I will be talking about this trip A LOT over the next two months.  I promise I'll try to keep the enthusiasm down as much as possible. 

Also, it's currently Carnival Season in Louisiana (aka MARDI GRAS).  That means lots of king cake, parades, beads and a break from school.  I have the entire week off next week.  I plan to spend it working on two essays (there's no real break from school), Spring cleaning, doing some Washington research/planning and shopping.  Lots and lots of shopping.  (Don't tell Hubs.)

Well, it feels good to be back, and I'm going to try and make a valiant effort to keep up with blogging, because I really enjoy it, especially reading the posts of my BBBs (Blogging Best Buds).  I've missed you guys!

Love, peace & chicken grease, y'all!