Fantabulous Fridays

That's right, people. It's FRIDAY. Woop woop. Time to hang out with our thang out.

Just kidding.

I love Fridays, not because they're a prelude to my most favorite day, and not because they signify the end of the work week.

No? Then why do I love Fridays, you ask?

Well, I love Fridays because on this day, the second-best day of the week, I will share with you a few people/places/foods/things that make my list of the MOST FANTABULOUS in the world. Well, my world at least.

First Fantabulous Friday 7-16-10

Fantabulous Friday 7-23-10

Fantabulous Friday 7-30-10

Fantabulous Friday 8-6-10

Fantabulous Friday 8-13-10

Fantabulous Friday 8-20-10