Just Jess

It all started on a rainy May evening in New Orleans, 1984...

Just kidding.

Hi, I'm Jess. People call me J, Jethro, Lil' J., Joeseeker (don't ask) and Mommy. If my mom is super-pissed at me, she'll use my full name, even now that I'm pushing 30.

In high school I was the National Honor Society, Student Government Association, Spanish Club chick. I wrote for the school newspaper, attended every football game and hardly ever skipped school. Well, until senior year. That's another story entirely...

I started college at a little school called Southeastern Louisiana University in 2002. I attended for a year and a half, then decided I needed a "break" from school. I moved to Tennessee for a year to spend time with my dad, little sisters and family there. Took a job working as a telemarketer for a timeshare corporation (please don't hate me, although it is entirely possible I called your home in the middle of dinner). Moved back to LA in 2005, just in time to experience Hurricane Katrina. Yes, we were idiots and stayed. Learned our lesson.

Eventually I met the hubby, Gary. We were engaged Christmas Eve 2006, married in September 2007, and had our first daughter in January 2008 (yes, I was knocked up when we wed. No need to do math in your head). Eleven months later we welcomed another little girl right before Christmas. I worked for a corporate company for two years, but eventually tired of the commute (72 miles one way) and left to work part-time as a secretary for my church.

In fall 2010 I re-enrolled at SLU, and plan on receiving my BA in History with teaching certification in Spring 2013. I'm so thrilled to be continuing my education. With a husband, children, a home and a job to keep up with I stay pretty busy, but it gives me some good stuff to blog about along the way!

Now that I've rambled on entirely too long about myself, hopefully you have a bit of understanding about me. I love music, movies, literature, art, nature and above all else, humor. I hope you find something you like on my blog.

Peace out, yo.