Saturday, October 30, 2010

Forget what you've heard about Louisiana

My awesome BBBF (blogging best bud forever) Tress over at Jumble Mash did a post earlier today about the misconceptions about West Virginia.  She wanted to know if there are any untrue myths/rumors about our home states.  Well, I live in Louisiana, and most of the rest of the world has learned everything they know about Louisiana from Britney Spears, Girls Gone Wild, The Real World and Swamp People.  Oh yes, these have all given us a wonderful reputation. 

So, with the encouragement of Tress, I'm going to set the record straight.

Myth #1:  We all drive around with our children in our laps. (Ahem, Britney.)
Truth:  Of course not.  I was so appalled at her when I saw this photograph a few years ago.  I know she was running from paparazzi, but COME ON!  Car seats are mandatory for a reason.  We have all of the same standard car seat laws as everywhere else.

Myth #2:  We have drive-thru daiquiri shops.
Truth:  We do, in fact, have drive thru daiquiri shops.  We also have open container laws.  The drink is not considered an open container unless you put the straw in.  Seriously.

Myth #3:  We all have swamps and alligators in our backyard.  We also all have a cousin named Bubba who only wears overalls and mumbles when he talks. 
Truth:  Negative.  The closest swamp to me is about 25 miles away, and it's considerably small.  It's also in the state park.  I've only ever seen alligators up close at the Audubon Zoo and at the Alligator Farm where they raise gators to kill for meat, skins and heads.  I also do not - nor do any of my friends -  have a cousin named Bubba.

Myth #4:  All local women take their tops off throughout the entirety of Mardi Gras. 
Truth:  Afraid not, guys.  In fact, about 99% of the women taking it all off during the massive party on Bourbon are tourists.  At other parades in the state, no one does that.  It's very much illegal.  The only place you can get away with it is on Bourbon Street, where pretty much anything goes.....and I do mean anything.  Ugh.

Myth #5:  Louisianians put football before everything else. 
Truth:  Not exactly.  We do have priorities, and they generally go in this order: 
1. Jesus
2. Football
3. Food
I do know people who have scheduled their weddings (and a few funerals) around LSU or Saints football games.  Most of us may have somewhat of an unhealthy obsession with our football teams, but that's okay.  We like it that way.

Myth #6:  We boil and eat those ugly red bug things.  We also suck the juice out of the heads.
Truth:  100% accurate.  Crawfish boils are some of the best times I've ever had:  family, food and fun.
 P.S. You have to suck the heads to get the juice and seasoning out.  Yum.

Hope that cleared up some of the misconceptions about my home state.  Y'all come and visit if you haven't already!



    The open container laws made me laugh out loud. Sorry. I'm from PA. We're incredibly stingy.

  2. Great post ;) Crawfish boils sound good to me.
    And drive thru daiquiri shops??! wow!

  3. Drive thru daiquiri shops?!?!? What? Seriously? that you ran with the idea. It's about time we start setting things straight about our home states. (That rhymed...weird)

  4. haha, im defintely curious about this drive-thru daquiri idea. it's a good one.

    I love this "state misconceptions" idea.

    I think it might get me on google to see what i can digg up about my golden state. :)

  5. Wow!! I learned so much Jess =) Thanks for this hilarity--totally made the end of my work day amazing =)