Monday, December 13, 2010

Movie Delight Monday: Christmas Edition #2

If you haven't completely immersed yourself in Christmas by now, you're either not a Christmas celebrator or you're a scrooge.  If you're like me, you've already watched every single Christmas movie you own at least three times.  Now that we have kids, we tend to watch the cartoons more than anything else, but I'm attempting to ease them into White Christmas and a few other grownup films.  Unfortunately Christmas Vacation can't be watched until the kiddos are in bed.  Language, among other things. 

I love ABC Family this time of year because they make so many cute little Christmas movies.  (We all know I love all things cheese.)

To continue the sharing of my most favorite Christmas films, I've picked four of the best for today.  Ready?  Alrighty then.

The Santa Clause
Tim Allen cracks me up as sarcastic Scott Clavin.  Also, Charlie's ex-wife's husband Neil (played by the awesome Judge Reinhold) is hilariously dimwitted.

Neil: "Scott, what was the last thing you and Charlie did before you went to bed Christmas Eve?" 
Scott: "We shared a bowl of sugar, did some shots of brown liqour, played with my shotguns, field-dressed a cat, looked for women..."

Rudolph the Red-Nosed  Reindeer
I don't know anyone who doesn't love this classic.  Hermey the elf is my favorite character. 
 "I want to be a dentist!"

Home Alone
You know, Macaulay Culkin - back before he spent all of that time with Michael Jackson....
I'm not making accusations, but COME ON.
"Keep the change, you filthy animal."

This comedy is a classic in its own right.  Bill Murray as the scrooge Frank Kross, with one of the best ghosts in the history of ghosts - Carol Kane - as the Ghost of Christmas Present.
"Niagara Falls, Franky Angel."

Next Monday will be the last Christmas Edition of Movie Delight Monday.  I plan to cover at least five more.  Let me know what your favorites are!  I'll cover some suggestions, I promise!


  1. I heart Christmas movies! Especially Home Alone. Santa Claus kinda annoys me, but it could be because I've watched it 6,000 times.

    P.S. Love the new header.

  2. Great post Jess. These are some of my favorite too :)

  3. I'm one of the weird ones who likes Home Alone 2 better than the original.