Friday, March 18, 2011

Fantabulous Friday

I love when I'm walking aimlessly through a store or across campus - or anywhere, really - and I pass someone with a totally awesome t-shirt on.  
It makes my day just a little bit better.

I am a collector of vintage/funny/fantabulous t-shirts, and currently own several Chris Farley and Will Ferrell shirts, as well as Ferris Bueller, Ghostbusters, Christmas Vacation, Rolling Stones, etc.  I love them, and I love those moments when I encounter another cool t-shirt person and we have a shared moment of, "yeah, we're awesome."  It's like we're part of a totally rad t-shirt club.  In fact, I have decided just now to initiate the Official Totally Rad T-Shirt Club.   Oh, and I'm the president. 

You're super jealous, right now, I know. 

Don't be discouraged, my dear blogging buds, for you, too, can be part of the Totally Rad T-Shirt Club.  All you have to do is own a minimum of five (5) fantabulous t-shirts.  Just in case you're not completely sure of what falls into the category of fantabulous/awesome/totally rad, here's a few examples:   

 Anything Goonies related is awesome. 

 Likewise, shirts pertaining to any and all of the National Lampoon films would qualify.

Witty, humorous and sarcastic phrase shirts are definitely on the list.
(Remember, though, profane and/or sexual shirts are NOT,
because we never know when we may encounter children.  Wear responsibly, folks.)

 Any and all awesome band t-shirts are welcome.
Even better are lame band shirts, like Menudo and Milli Vanilli.

 We all know 80s educational shows were cheese, so why not celebrate it?

 Awesome movie quote shirts are some of my favorites. 
Great one-liners should be shared with the world, and it is our job to do so enthusiastically.

 Mixing 80s/90s pop culture like Inspector Gadget and Vanilla Ice is just brilliant.
I'm probably going to order this shirt today. (Don't tell Hubs.)

 Another movie quote t-shirt.  It's easy to determine whether or not someone is friend quality based
on their ability to determine which movie your shirt is quoting.  This is a priceless gift, people!

T-shirts that share plots of films are pretty cool, too.  

Any t-shirt referring to Saturday Night Live qualifies.  I recommend multiple shirts like this.

Taking a serious quote from a film and turning it to be funny is another priceless gem.  

Another educational shirt.  Ah, memories.

Gotta have a Bayside shirt.  Well, that or a Jesse and the Rippers shirt.  Either will do. 

I'll be making Totally Rad T-Shirt Club membership cards soon, so let me know if you're in. 

Together we can educate young people everywhere. 


  1. I want one of everything.
    Seriously, though, I love the subtlety of the Bayside Tigers and the Wally World the best. The others are awesome, but there's something extra cool about the shirt being so simple that you aren't sure if it's a joke or not, unless you are 100% in the know...

  2. I almost qualify! I own a Rolling Stones shirt and Aerosmith. I also bought my nephew an aersomith shirt (when he was just 7 months old or so :)) and just bought him an AC/DC shirt that says "AC/DC Let there be rock". He is now 1 :). So glad they make awesome little rocker shirts for infants :)

  3. I can't say that I qualify for this sort of awesomeness, since I rarely buy graphic shirts of the sort, but man that Reading Rainbow shirt is amazing.