Monday, June 20, 2011

Hidy-ho, neighbors

How's it going, y'all?  I've missed you guys a great deal, but don't blame me, blame the massive collection of MORONS employed by AT&T....

Seriously, if I knew where Mr. AT&T lived, I'd drive to his home, knock on the door and when he answered just punch him in the face.

Here's the situation:

Hubs and I bought our new home -YAY!- in mid-May after our trip to D.C. (I'll cover that later).   We immediately called AT&T to request a transfer of service from our previous address to the new house.  Seems simple enough, right?  Well, it would be if we were talking about any other company.  But no, we're talking about AT&T. 

Fast-forward to today (June 20) and we STILL do not have internet service at our new residence.  Oh, they shut off the service at the old place.  Sure, they sent a guy out to run the new dsl line and install a phone jack.  But did they push that tiny little button on a computer in their office to connect the internet to our home?  Of course not.  That small piece of service apparently takes a whole new order, three weeks of wait time and an act of Congress.  

Jess has not been a happy gal.  

I've yelled at approximately 14 different service people, all to no avail.   I think they probably have my account highlighted and posted all over the company with some warning about providing actual service.  "Do not provide quality service to this customer.  She called us morons."


So that's why I have not been able to check in with you, my most fantabulous blogging buds.  I miss you all terribly, and cannot wait to catch up with you guys.  It will take me forever to do it, but I'm determined!  

Anyhoo,  I'm leaving on Wednesday to join my Tennessee family in Destin for a few days.  My girls have not been to the beach yet, so I'm excited to see their reactions.  Soon I will update you guys on our new house (demolition, renovation and other fun stuff), as well as our trip to D.C. and any other interesting tidbits I can recall. 

Love, peace and chicken grease!



  1. Wow that sucks! But I'm glad you're back! And congratulations on the new house!

  2. Three weeks?! That's a long time for something that travels by electric wires (i assume that's how the tinterweb works).

  3. I feel your pain my internet has a habit of playing up but no point in trying another company as only one company will take us on a customers why because the internet may drop out which it does......something to do with lines thankfully most of the time it is ok but there are times when it is so bloody frustrating..........I hope you get your home internet up and running soon as you are missed............ do please remember that telling them you will bare ass smack them if they do not do what you want will not help as you will more then likely get a someone who would like to be bare ass and you will still not get it connected any faster.

  4. We had AT&T (here they called themselves Bellsouth, but it was the same) and had ALMOST the same problem. Then once we finally had it hooked up, we had all sorts of other problems spring up. So we dropped them and got internet through the cable company (although they also suck). Sadly, when there are so few providers, they can suck all they want and we're at their mercy.

    Good luck and enjoy your beach vacay!

  5. I wondered what happened to you!!!