Tuesday, June 30, 2009

THREE Weeks Notice......?

So I gave my notice yesterday. I stood up in my chair, raised my fist into the air and yelled "I QUIT!" Well, not really. But I did give my boss a resignation letter. The first thing she did was gasp, then a string of unpleasant words came out of her mouth.

I gave her a detailed list of reasons as to the whys of my quitting (most of which she was already aware of), then waited for her to calm down before we discussed my departure. Suddenly she was Mrs. Guilt Trip. Did it have to be only two weeks? Couldn't I work just one extra week? On and on she went, until I caved. Why did I do that? I had only a moment before stated that I was done, refusing to subject myself any further to the injustice that was being done to me, and suddenly my two week notice turned into a three week notice. How the hell did that happen?

I feel that I am justified in quitting for a number of various reasons. One of the most obvious is the fact that I have to drive 60 miles one way to get there. Another is that I want to be able to spend more time with my daughters, and with Gary's salary it is feasible for me to work only part time now. The biggest reason for me, though, is the fact that for the past two and a half years I have busted my a$$ at my job for nothing. I have learned everything I possibly could about not only my job, but the jobs of my peers and leaders. I have been the go-to girl for my superviser, her supervisor, and other various leaders in my office. I have taken on special projects again and again, trained new employees, filled my supervisor's position when she was out, et cetera et cetera et cetera.

Three times in the past year, new positions have become available in my department. All three times, I was encouraged by all of the supervisors to apply, INCLUDING the person responsible for making the decision on the position. Of course, all three times I did, and all three times I was passed over for someone else. The reasons I was given:
1. He has more experience than you (he had been there 1 month longer than me).
2. She's single and can rearrange her schedule more easily (translation: you have children and we don't want to have to worry about you missing work because of them)
3. She handled everything so well while you were on maternity leave (SERIOUSLY?).

My supervisor was miffed each and every time I didn't get a new position. She did not understand it. She made sure that I knew everything there was to know. That I was capable of being a leader. Yet somehow....I remained in the same position. Same pay, only now I had more responsibilities (since I already knew all of the extra stuff, might as well be put to use right?) . I was expected to continue to be the go-to girl, without any recognition whatsoever.

For the past five months I have been stressed, annoyed, and just completely over my job. I was tired of being taken advantage of. Then one day about a month ago my cousin called me. She had just found out that she was accepted into nursing school. School, which starts at the end of this month, will be full time. Unfortunately that means that she can no longer be the receptionist at our church. *lightbulb goes off* The church will need a new secretary.... interesting. I mentioned to her that she should drop my name to the Pastor the next time they discussed her leaving. She did, and the next day I got another call, this time from the Pastor. He informed me that he would love for me to take my cousin's place. I could work part time, choose my hours, and they would match my current hourly pay. I was ecstatic!

So, now that I have given my THREE-WEEK NOTICE, I can relax. Except that I don't want it to be three more weeks. At all. Two max. Why did I agree to that?

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