Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Face Punch

Hey, y'all.  It's HUMP DAY, and I'm super-thrilled about it because after today I'm on Fall Break until next Monday from school.  Awesomeness. 

For my Face Punch topic today, I've picked something that is just completely appalling to me.  I was so disgusted and disappointed when I heard this story on Kidd Kraddick's show Monday morning.  I found the story that I knew would show up on MSNBC, which only made me more angry.

Here's the deal:

A Tennessee home caught fire after a man's grandson lost control of a fire he had going in the backyard.  The local firefighters were called, and they came to the scene but REFUSED TO PUT THE FIRE OUT. 


Because the man had failed to pay a $75 "fire coverage" fee. 

Are you kidding me? 

At first they wouldn't even respond to the 911 call, but then they realized the man's neighbors had paid their fees - of course they had to be on hand in case the fire spread to the covered residents. 

The man begged firefighters to put the flames out, telling them he'd pay whatever he had to, but they refused.  His home burned to the ground, and they lost three dogs and a cat. 

The state of Tennessee should be outraged at the county's poor handling of such a devastating situation.  I'd fire every single one of those firefighters, and the idiots in charge of the whole thing.  THEN I'd use state money to rebuild the damaged home. 

You, Obion County fire people, get a gargantuan face punch:


  1. I read that story last night and I almost blogged about it. SO LAME. Like SO SO VERY LAME. I hope someone gets fired over that.

  2. Is this for real?? That is completely insane!!! What the hell is a fire coverage fee anyways?!? I cannot even believe that they would watch someone's house burn to the ground because of $75 freakin' dollars. I'm going to link your story to today's post.

  3. I read this story this morning, I'm so glad you covered it! I cannot physically believe that a fire company could be so reckless, surely they would put the fire out and then bill him afterwards. Here in the UK fire protection is something that is free, you don't have to pay for it! I find it so strange that in America you have to pay for things that are basic here. This story makes me really sad, I didn't know that any animals died either! I'm really angry about this.

  4. Those people deserve more than a face punch!

  5. Pardon my language, but THEY CAN F-ING DO THAT???What the hell! You mean those ghetto strippers couldn't at lease throw a water bottle at the flames? OMG! I would have set fire to their f-ing truck! Straight up lit-rag in their gas tank!!

  6. WTF?! I cannot believe that! I smell a giant lawsuit! The good news is... those homeowners are going to be millionaires!

  7. OMG thats horrible! Since you didn't pay a measly $75 the FIREFIGHTERS watch you lose all your possesions and your beloved pets! Horrible! I wonder if they would have saved the people had they been inside!

  8. $75 bucks, huh? I think I'd let my apartment building burn down for that. Maybe I could get some better neighbors.

    (Just kidding, of course, except about the neigbors. Please don't let my apartment burn down, God.)

  9. I've never heard of someone having to pay a fee to the fire department so that they could put out a fire.

    I would be so effing mad if my house burned down because of this. I would sue them too!

    I'm with Falen, can they do that? Is it legal?

  10. That is so appalling. Those poor dogs and cat, that literally makes me sick to my stomach to know that firefighters sat by and let animals die, not to mention all of that man's belongings burn to the ground.

  11. Jess - this is just a comment to let you know I have awarded you on my blog....

  12. Are you serious??? Isn't the fire and police departments suppose to help EVERYONE?? This is crazy stuff!

  13. I was so appalled by this. Apparently the fire chief got a face punch for real. Lucky for him, I wasn't there to give him more.

    Whatever happened to compassion?!