Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tim Burton Day

As I've been sitting on my comfy couch with my daughters watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas" for about the 97th time this month, my mind has been a'wandering (I know this isn't an actual word, but it was used on an episode of Friends I watched yesterday and it stuck, so hush).  I think Tim Burton is one of the best directors there has ever been - and not just because he casts Johnny Depp in nearly every film of his - and even though lately he seems to want to put his very odd wife in all of his films. 

Editor's Note:  Although I'm paying tribute to Tim, John Hughes will now and forever be my MOST favorite director.  Just wanted to put that out in the universe.

Since I've deemed today Tim Burton Day, I'm going to share with y'all the best of his films.  In my opinion, of course.   Which is a much better opinion than that stupid Ebert guy.  Seriously.  He should be fired.

Without further ado, here we go:

 Even though this movie is utterly ridiculous, I love it! If you've never seen it, pick a day
 when you have absolutely nothing else productive to do and watch it.  You'll thank me, I promise. 

Despite having seen it so many times now I know every word (thanks to my girls),  I still think it's awesome. 

I still remember being very young and thinking how cool it would be to dress up like
a cat like Michelle Pfeiffer.  In my defense, I was way too young to realize she was crazy. 
 Also, De Vito played Penguin fabulously.

One of the best films ever made.  Michael Keaton was excellent, and the supporting cast was awesome, too.  
Seriously, who didn't love watching Catherine O'Hara and Jeffrey Jones dancing to the Banana Boat Song?

The film that began an infatuation with Johnny Depp that
would last a very, very long time. In fact, it's still going strong...

I think Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter was a genius idea.  This film was brilliant. 

I've liked every film of Mr. Burton's that I've seen.  There are a few of his I've yet to watch, but I'm planning a Burton Movie Marathon Day in the near future!

What films of his do you love?


  1. holy crap, i believe you are my long lost film bestie, lol!!!!! there are no words to describe the amazingness of these movies. and, um, hello...can we please talk about the brilliance of Mars Attacks!!! whenever there are annoying people around me, i talk like the martians...too bad there are no words to actually describe how that oes, but trust me, it's super fun and hilarious!

  2. Love love love all of these movies. I actually just carved a pumpkin to look like Jack from Nightmare before Christmas last night! I am going to put pics up on my blog on Monday, because frankly, the pumpkin is awesome.

    And of course, I love Alice in Wonderland. And Johnny Depp.

    Great post!

  3. can you believe i've never seen a nightmare before christmas?! hahahhahaa i know.. shame on me!!!

  4. Tim Burton is a genius. And Johnny Depp is delicious. I like all of the films you mentioned, but I havent seen Alice yet.
    I also like Ed Wood, James and the Giant Peach, Planet of the Apes....Big Fish...Corpse Bride...Sweeney Todd.
    And did you know that Burton might be making Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter into a movie???

  5. I haven't seen a whole lot of Burton's films... but I did really like Alice in Wonderland! It was super cute and Depp really played his part well. :P

  6. Edward S. got me hooked. I liked how he could make a whole new reality and he his stories have a certain love to them too. Johnny does his stuff so amazing. Didn't Burton do Ed Wood, too? That was excellent.

    Great post. My Dad loves him too.

  7. i read american pyscho and that books was sooooooooooo crazy!!