Monday, October 18, 2010

Movie Delight Monday

Halloween is only two weekends away, which means the next two Movie Delight Mondays will feature horror movies!

Last Monday I chose the Scream Trilogy, and the week before that was Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Today I'm going with a little-known but TERRIFYING film. My older cousins made me watch it once when I was in second or third grade, and it still scares me to this day.  So, it might not actually be all that terrifying, but I'm too chicken to watch it again and find out!

The film I'm referring to is:
Editor's Note:  Again, since this movie terrified me so badly, I have not watched it since that first time, nearly twenty years ago.  As such, this review is based on extremely vivid memories and the help of IMBD for names and a few details.

The film starts out with a family, consisting of a snobbish father, his hateful new wife and his daughter, Judy finding themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere as a storm is moving in.  Judy is a small girl who is quite timid and not too fond of her new stepmother. 

The family realizes they are near a large mansion, so they seek shelter there.  An elderly couple lives in the mansion, and soon another stranded motorist, Randy, arrives with two punk, Madonna-looking chicks he picked up along the way.  The couple invites them all to stay until the storm passes. 

It becomes evident nearly immediately that the old couple is extremely odd, and they reveal that they make dolls and puppets. 

As they all retire to bed for the evening, we learn more about the stranded people, and that all but Randy and Judy are evil, mean or theiving people.  Of course, all bad people must be punished....

The dolls begin coming to life and killing off the people who need punishing.  In grotesque, freaky and horrifying manners they all start to bite the dust, one by one.   We learn more about the old couple and why the dolls are killing everyone, but the information doesn't stop the murders. 

The movie ends with the suggestion of a sequel, as most horror movies do.

If you're brave (which I'm not), below you can watch the original trailer for the film.

Watch it if you dare!


  1. Ugh...creepy! You have an excellent memory, Jess. I can't remember the premise to a movie I watched last week!

  2. Okay well I haven't seen this movie, but seeing as how I am TERRIFIED of Childs Play since I saw that when I was about 7, and havent been able to watch it since I think I will have to pass on this one also. Childs Play at least only had one killer doll (until Chucky got married of course), but this one seems to have multiple killing dolls, soldiers, teddy bears and all other things. I think I will have to pass!

  3. i seriously can't do anything with child-like horror...ick!

    oh, and eyes! Eyes creep me out! especially when they are on a seemingly dead person, and they open to the tune of really creepy music or sound! ahhhh!

    i hate it, but i love it! :)

  4. Jess this movie is NOT scary, it's hilariousss!

  5. Okay, you're my movie expert, and since you seem to have been traumatized by horror movies too, I have to ask if a scene like this sounds familiar.

    Teenage Girl is babbling away on the phone (I seem to remember it being in the kitchen). Creepy Nurse Houseguest is sitting nearby, and suddenly begins talking in a deep voice, surely indicating demons. She takes a large pair of garden shears, grabs TG by the ponytail, and proceeds to start cutting off her head. I actually didn't see if she actually cut off her head, because I was running screaming.

    Any idea what movie that would be?

  6. hmmm...I have never heard of this one. Those death scenes are gross!! Especially that last one. I think this would have terrified me as a child.