Monday, April 4, 2011

A-to-tha-Zizzle: C

Ah, C.  That captivating, challenging, sometimes confusing letter of the alphabet. How do I love the?  You bring me comedy and charisma, comfort and cheer.  What a great letter you are!  Also, you give me multiple choices for today, which is so characteristic of you.  Hehe.  Okay, I've run that one into the ground.  Here we go:

C is for Can't Buy Me Love

Nerd (Patrick Dempsey pre-McDreamy) pays popular chick to "date" him so he can be popular, too.  Newfound top dog status goes to his head.  Pretty much your generic 80s love-comedy movie, a/k/a AWESOME.

C is for Clue

An excellent cast playing the film version of the whodunit game.  Hilarious.  (I previously covered this film on a Movie Delight Monday post.  You can check it out here.)

C is for Cable Guy

One of my most favorite Jim Carrey films.  Crazy guy thinks he's a cable guy and pretends to be various television characters from his childhood.  Makes friends with a customer, then stalks him and makes his life miserable. 

If you only watch this movie for the Medieval Times scene, it's worth it.

C is for Clueless

Cher Horowitz spends her time worried about fashion, shopping and being totally cool.  Her life is perfect, that is, until her friend hits on her, the guy she likes ends up gay, her pet project Thai begins to take over as queen bee and her ex-stepbrother Josh takes over her house.   As if!

C is for Cool Hand Luke

Ah, Paul Newman shirtless.  A LOT.  Luke gets arrested and put on a chain gang.  He keeps escaping, and they keep catching him.  In one scene he eats a bunch of eggs, and I mean a BUNCH.  It's an awesome scene.  This is one of those classic movies you have to love. 

Today's episode has been brought to you by the letter C. 


  1. Paul Newman = HOTTEST MAN EVER. That is all.

  2. Paul Newman = yum! Clueless = genius

  3. I like the C's..clueless, coolhand luke...& I must not forget Can't buy me love, either.