Thursday, April 7, 2011

A-to-tha-Zizzle: F

Howdy, y'all!  Today is Thursday, which means the weekend is one short day away! Wohoo!!  I'm also thrilled because Saturday night I'm going to see Lady Gag! Wohoo! Can't wait. 

Anyhoo, onward with the alphabet game.  Today's magic letter is F, as in:

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

One of the best teen movies EVER made.  Matthew Broderick is fabulous as Ferris, the teen who outsmarts his parents to spend a day away from school doing nothing but having fun. 

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Right up there with the best high school movies of all time.  I love Judge Reinhold. (Don't worry boys, Phoebe Cates is in it, too.) 

Father of the Bride

One of my favorite wedding movies.  Steve Martin plays the tightwad, frustrated father of the bride well.  Diane Keaton is great, and I think Kimberly Williams (now -Paisley) is adorable!

A Few Good Men

You can't handle the truth!  Tom Cruise before he went all Scientology-weird.  Jack Nicholson as one of the best villains ever.  Great story line.  Good stuff.

First Knight

Richard Gere (YUM) steals the lovely Guinevere (Julia Ormond) from Arthur (Sean Connery - again, YUM).  You really don't need a plot more involved than that.  Good movie, though.


Kevin Bacon moves into a backwoods Bible belt town and teaches them that hey - it's okay to dance. 

Fried Green Tomatoes

One of the best flashback films I've ever seen.  The cast is excellent, and the storyline is wonderful.  Love love love it.  The novel is pretty good, also.

Sorry I sort of skeezed on this post, but I am pressed for time, and I really just want to chill on the couch and watch everything on my DVR (although at this point it would take roughly four days of non-stop watching to catch up) since I've been so busy with school and life that I haven't had time to watch Glee, American Idol, NCIS or any of the Kennedy specials.  Summer's almost here....summer's almost here....
Y'all have an awesome evening!


  1. YES YES YES to Ferris Bueller and Fried Green Tomatoes! Two of my favorites of all time!

  2. My favorite T Shirt I have is a green one with pink letters that says SAVE FERRIS! Love love love pretty much every movie on the list (have never see Fast Times)