Thursday, September 17, 2009

Attack of the killer ants!

Okay, so they're not really killer ants, but they are so annoying. For the past two weeks we've been dealing with these tiny nuisances, who are attempting to eat everything in our house. I've had to throw out over half of the food in our cabinets. It's so frustrating!

Our nemesis first appeared by the front door after a few days of consistent rain. It wasn't a big deal at first - it's expected for bugs to try to find dry land when it's wet outside. We sprayed, got rid of them and assumed it was over. Three days later, Gary noticed something moving on our chocolate suede sofa. Closer inspection revealed that ants had made a home in our couch! Apparently Hayden had been hiding her leftover goldfish in the cracks of the couch, and I had failed to notice. We got them out of the couch, and I crossed my fingers that they were gone for good.

This past Sunday I opened the cabinet to get some ritz crackers, and to my dismay the ants had found them first. There must have been a few hundred of those little bandits feasting on everything that wasn't sealed airtight. I had to throw out bags of corn chips, my ritz crackers, and most of Hayden's snack crackers. Got rid of those ants, and the next day more showed up in the bathroom! (The bathroom???) Sprayed again.

Yesterday they migrated to yet another of our cabinets, which didn't have any food in it but held all of our teabags. Threw those in the trash. Sprayed AGAIN. Finally Gary got under the house last night and sprayed some serious poison. Then he sprayed along the walls, windows, in every crevice, any and all possible points of entry. When Gary got up for work this morning, he discovered that they had somehow bypassed the poison in the laundry room and were crawling all over our clothes! AAAAHHHHHH! I'm starting to think they're indestructible.

My main concern is that they'll end up in the babies' beds during the night and I'll wake up to my children covered in ants. It's enough to give me nightmares.

Maybe I should buy some bugs that eat ants and set them loose in the house. Or we could just move...

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