Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eeeek! (The tale of the rebel rodent)

It all started on a humid Louisiana evening. 

A man and woman were sitting together in the den, watching movies and chatting about the events of their day.  The children were playing in their bedroom, giggling and squealing with delight at their toys and imaginations.  Nothing could have prepared them for what was about to take place....

Suddenly, and without warning -as these things usually happen - the husband saw movement out of the corner of his eye.  He turned his head swiftly in the direction of the motion, but saw nothing. 

"Did you see that?" he asked his wife as he stared towards the kitchen.  She paid him little mind; he often imagined things.  "It was probably nothing," she replied, then turned her attention back to the television.  After a moment he shrugged, thinking maybe he'd imagined it after all.   He started to watch the movie again, but another sudden movement had him glancing back to the kitchen, and he saw it.....

Terrifying.  Awful.  Evil.

"It's a mouse!" The man jumped up and pointed.  Immediately he had his wife's attention. She leaned over, peering into the kitchen, waiting to see the horrible creature. 

They waited......and waited.   Right as she was about to give up, there it was!
She saw it.  The round ears.  The long, thin tail.  The dark, tiny nose. 

"Kill it!" she screamed, and her husband jumped up bravely, prepared to defend his wife and children from the terrible menace that had invaded their home. 

Unfortunately for him, mice are small and extremely fast.  The mouse scurried under the oven, and has yet to be seen or heard from again.  Still, the husband keeps vigilant watch, waiting for the day when he will come face to face with the intruder, and end this once and for all...

True story.


  1. So glad that mouse escaped!!!! EEEEE

  2. Isn't it amazing how something as small and timid as a mouse can scare the holy hell out of grown adults? My own response to a mouse in the house was to shriek and go running like a band of house invaders had just busted through the front door. No doubt I would have been thoroughly ridiculed by all my kung-fu mates!!

    Thanks again for following my blog. I'm as equally chuffed to have found yours! The face punch post is hilarious! We seem to 'hate' some of the very same celebutards!

    -The Ranter's Box