Saturday, July 17, 2010

Love Letter to Gibbs

Dear Mark,

First, can I call you Gibbs? I'm sure you don't mind. So I'll start again.

Dear Gibbs (ahhh),

It all started many years ago. I was a very young girl the first time I saw you. I turned the television to HBO - back when it came free with cable - and a movie called "Summer School" was on.

There you were: handsome, charming and funny as you dealt with misfit kids and chased after Kirstie Alley. Not only did you have a rockin' bachelor's pad on the beach, you had a dog, too. All it took was one of those heart-stopping grins and I was smitten kitten.

Yes, I said smitten kitten.

You made appearances here and there, on shows and in films. I was happy to see you on St. Elsewhere as Dr. Bobby Caldwell for a few years, but then you got HIV from whoring around - it's okay, I forgive you - and eventually died.

After that I stalked you via magazine - hello People's Sexiest Man Alive 1986 - and television. I watched you portray a serial killer and Cybill Shepherd's love interest (why would you do something like that?!). Then, thankfully, you returned to the medical field a la Chicago Hope.

Thank you Jesus for scrubs. YUM.


Anyhoo, I didn't see you for a few years, and I must admit I wasn't terribly distraught - what with college, boys and work to keep me busy. I confess my attentions did meander a bit to the likes of Justin Timberlake, Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Reynolds and Johnny Depp. Before you get upset, let me reassure you that the feelings I felt for them didn't even remotely compare to the love and affection I feel for you. I moved on, but never forgot you...

Then, one day out of the blue, there you were:

Leroy. Jethro. Gibbs. In all of your gray - ie: SEXY - hair and gorgeous glory. CBS gave me the best present ever and made you the main man of NCIS. Not only that, but you're a single man. Sure, you'll hook up with a red-headed chick here and there, but nothing serious. I'm all for the casual roll in the hay, just as long as I don't have to see it.

I see you week after week, solving murders and whacking those crazy kids DiNozzo and McGee in the back of the head. On a rare occasion you'll give that million dollar mega-watt smile and my heart will melt all over again.

I know our love will never be more than just admiration from afar, although I have told my husband repeatedly that if the opportunity ever presented itself, I'd drop him in a heartbeat to be with you. He's cool with it.

So with all of that being said, I shall end this letter with a promise. Keep being Gibbs, and I'll keep being your creepy, way younger but still smitten kitten - yes, I said it again - fan,



  1. HAHAHAHAHA NICE! that's awesome and just so ya know, I will be referring to you as the smitten kitten from now on.

  2. Hey! I saw the link to this on 20SB and immediately thought, "Another NCIS lover? Please let it be about THAT Gibbs." And you did not disappoint. Awesome.

  3. lol. This is AWESOME!!! I love NCIS. And Gibbs. But to be honest, up until now I never really saw him as attractive.

  4. Summer school was such a great movie because of him! And I've also had NCIS on my DVR since I got my hands on a DVR! =D

  5. I couldn't agree more. Clearly we were separated at birth


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