Saturday, August 7, 2010

Face Punch

Today I'm only going to vent frustration over one celebrity, mostly due to the magazine covers I've seen lately and an article in US Weekly I read earlier this week.  This face punch might cause heated discussion, and I'm okay with that. 

The unlucky celebrity this week is


I know, I know.  This is not a Team Jen/Team Angie thing here.  My frustrations with this woman are based on her behavior and the examples she has set for her children. 

The article in US Weekly details Angelina's tactics for "stealing" Brad from Jennifer.  Sources were supposedly close friends of hers - which I realize aren't always the most valid sources - who recall her using Maddox to win Brad's affections, planning opportunities for paparazzi to catch Brad with her and various other trickeries.

When Brad and Jennifer first separated, Brad and Angie both swore repeatedly that they were not having an affair, Brad leaving had nothing to do with Angie, etc.  Then - surprise! - Brad is photographed on a beach with Angelina and Maddox (which was one of the supposed planned photo ops).  Jennifer is crushed, fans are shocked, hate mail comes pouring in. 

Later Brad and Angie both make remarks in interviews about how they fell in love while shooting Mr. and Mrs. Smith (when Brad and Jen were still together).  This lets their children know that if you want someone, it's okay to pursue them, even if they're already married. 

To watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith, even with Brad and Angie being good actors, the real chemistry between them is obvious.  Anyone who's ever been attracted to another person could tell that these two were hitting the sheets long before the film wrapped. 

Adding insult to injury, they further embarrassed Jen by setting up a photo shoot with W Magazine, portraying a happy 60s couple with blond-haired, blue-eyed Brad clones running around them. 

Even worse was that news broke about Angie's being pregnant with Shiloh before Brad's divorce from Jennifer was even finalized.  It was like Angelina was doing everything she could think of to sink her claws into Brad and make certain he wouldn't get away.  I wouldn't put it past her to have gotten pregnant on purpose.  I mean, seriously, she's crazy.   We're talking about the same woman who had questionable closeness with her brother.  Eww.

To be honest, most people weren't surprised with Angie's going after Brad.  After all, she's hooked up with practically every male costar she's ever had.  (Does anyone else remember the whole Billy Bob Thornton's blood in a vial around her neck fiasco?) 

Why Brad would even consider leaving America's Sweetheart was just beyond me.  I couldn't wrap my head around it.  I mean, sure, Angie's HOT.  That scene in Wanted when she gets out of the water and you can see her entire backside and all of those tattoos...

I totally went lesbian during that scene.  (Don't worry, it went away.)

But Jen?  Sweet, adorable Jen?

I've loved her since she first showed up in Friends wearing a wedding dress.  She's the girl every woman wants as a best friend.  She's sweet, fun, and totally hot too, as shown in her most recent GQ spread:
See?  Hotness.

So as I'm writing, I'm starting to think maybe I am taking sides here.  I can't help it though.  I love Rachel Green.  She's awesome!

Anyhoo, to make my point - which I so carelessly wandered away from, what with all of the naked pictures of the two sexiest women in the world - Angelina should be less concerned with proving to everyone that she and Brad are happy, and more concerned with the example she's setting for her children. 

I don't care how much goodwill work she does (although I give huge kudos to celebrities who actually care about world issues and put their fortunes to good use), if she doesn't instill good morals in her children, they'll grow up to be liars, adulterers and vindictive people. 

So, Angie, I'm giving you a small - but still effective - face punch.


  1. hi jess, have you seen this post of mine yesterday

    lol just wanted to share.

    anyway... yes YOU ARE SO BIASED. lol but i love Jennifer too so its okay. But I remember Brad leaving her because she chose career over family. She didn't want to have a kid yet while Brad wanted.

    She was so wrong about that. lol
    Well then maybe she just wants to have fun in life first.

    I'm biased because I want to have kids. moreso a KID WITH BRAD PIT! lol

  2. I always have thought that Brad Pitt is kind of a jerkwad too. I mean, think about it: a married man cheats on his wife with a younger co-worker, gets the mistress pregnant while the divorce is still ongoing and then leaves the country?

    If he wasn't a super-star he'd be considered the biggest dirt bag on the planet.

  3. Hi Jess,

    thanks for following my blog. I'm going to follow you too.

    Wow, Angelia and Jen sure are hot!

  4. I love Rachel Green too. And Brad and Jen were so not on a break!

  5. I've always been Team Aniston, and dislike Miss Jolie for the same reasons you do. I mean, she's doubt. But she freaks me out. She's too weird. I don't know, something's just off about her. I keep thinking of all those children and wondering what kind of life they actually have with a mother like her..

  6. I couldn't agree more! I am soooo Team Jen, and I think she's way prettier.

    She's Rachel, and I love every movie (for the most part) Jennifer is in. She is a great actress, even if she typically plays the same roles! (Stick to what you're good at!)

    P.S. I specifically referred to chocolate in my post because I am getting close to the same visitor.

  7. UM, seriously. I agree with EVERYTHING. Amazing post. Simply amazing. I HATE Angelina. She almost got some respect from me with her acting in Changeling.... not.

  8. I couldn't agree with you more.!! Angelina is a great actress.. but she sucks as a "normal person" .. she's such a home wrecking whore! (pardon my french) lol

    Jen... I just love her.!!* an awesome actress and woman!!!

  9. Regardless of who ended up with who, I completely agree that one of the main issues here is the example being set down for the children by the parents.

    The destruction of the family unit has been our country's demise for years. Ugh, le sigh.

    On another note, they are both GORGEOUS... in a very opposite way.

    <3ed the post!!

  10. Ahhh yes once again we agree! I am so not an Angelina fan. Im sure she is a fine actress, but she just irks me. She comes off as thinking she is better than everyone else. Sure she has Brad Pitt, gives a lot to charity, and has some adorable kids, but still enough of your holier than thou attitide. I don't like that her she makes her daughter out to look so much like a boy!