Friday, August 6, 2010

Fantabulous Friday

First, let me say that today is in and of itself FANTABULOUS for two specific reasons:

1.  I was featured on blogging pal Nicole's blog It's All Random today.  Yay! Thanks, Nicole.

2.  On another blog I follow, Girl About Business, I won a giveaway contest, and will soon be the happy owner of a new book!

So go check out my friends and give them some love, because, well, they're fantabulous!

For today's post, I decided to get all melancholy on y'all and talk about the past.  Our subject for today:

THE 90s

Yep, I'm going to give y'all the best (and worst) fads of the early 90s. 

We had MC Hammer telling us we couldn't touch this, Vanilla Ice bragging about how gangster he was, New Kids on the Block serenading us, the Spice Girls telling us what we want, what we really really want, and Hanson Mmmbopping us to death. 
As much as we all try to deny it, the music we danced around to was - for the most part - terrible.  But at the time, we loved it!


Buffy was a badass, Clueless started the "whatever" craze, Forrest Gump told us about his momma, Jurassic Park made us afraid of dinosaurs and Austin Powers made us want to ask, "Shall we shag now or shag later?" I don't care what anyone says, films from the 90s were some of the best there are.  Yeah, baby!

I could go on for days about all of the shows I watched in the 90s that I still love to this day.  There was Saved by the Bell, Blossom, Boy Meets World, Family Matters, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Alex Mac, Hey Dude, Clarissa Explains it All, All That, Salute Your Shorts, TRL, Singled Out, My So-Called Life, Daria, Real World, just to name a few.  Loved 'em all!

Now for some of the biggest - and most annoying/awful fads there were:


When I was in fourth grade these things took over our school.  I'm not kidding, it was Pog-a-palooza at every lunch break, recess break, before and after school and sometimes during class.  Eventually our school banned them completely.


Seriously, I don't know who thought this looked good, but everyone was wearing it.  Kids, moms, teenagers, everybody.  We also wore oversized t-shirts and tied the ends in a knot or used one of those little circle things.  Thought we were so cool.                                                       

My older sister had about fifty of these evil little dolls.  I hated them.  They creeped me out. 

Between me and my sister, we had about two hundred of these things.  Every color you could think of, polka dots, stripes, plaid, logos, some with characters on them, tye-dyed... 

I don't know where they all disappeared to.  I imagine Mom donated them to Goodwill.  So maybe someone, somewhere is still stylin' the scrunchy.

This drink hit our area seemingly overnight and it was what everyone was drinking.  Tasted like Mountain Dew with twice as much sugar and carbonation, but we drank it anyway.  So glad it fizzed out quickly.

That's all I've got for today.  Partly because my brain is tired, and partly because I got tired of googling pictures of this stuff!

Makes you want to dig through your attic and find your old clothes for a flashback fashion show, doesn't it?  And while you're at it, pull out the old pogs and have a tournament.


Me neither.


  1. This post is an epic win purely for the Jurassic Park mention. I fell in love with Jeff Goldblum because of that movie, his speech at the dinner table is still one of my favourite movie quotes of all time.

    "God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates Man. Man destroys God. Man creates Dinosaurs."

    Ok I've rambled about Jurassic Park enough!

    TROLLS! I have so many of them on my shelf, I still collect them, what a nerd!

  2. omg POGS!!!!!!! I used to die just to collect them. lol... toys were simple back in the old days... do you know how to play "pick up sticks"? lol

    AND TrOLLS!! we had tons!!! ... where are they now...

    anyway. posted your badge in my blog. well i think you outta now it works great!! congratulations! lol :)

  3. I had those books you could get with the little round pockets to keep the pogs in pristine condition. I have no idea what happened to them...

    Thanks for posting it! Glad to know it works! :) Thanks dear!

  4. OH, my goodness, POGS! I was in middle school when this hit, and everyone had hundreds of them. Craziness.

    And honestly, every time I see a scrunchie on somebody I want to slap them.

  5. OMG I love this post too!!! Makes me miss being a kid when things were so much simpler!! I LOVED TGIF, they dont have any family friendly shows like those ones these days. I totally had a ton of pogs and treasure trolls too!

  6. I think the 90s was THE BEST time for movies, tv shows, and music. There will never be another decade like it obviously!

    The pog thing is hilarious. My mom used to work part-time at a stand in the mall that sold pogs, and we were obsessed with them!!

  7. I miss the 90s so freakin much!! I want them back! lol I'm dying laughing over the troll dolls, because I just found one over at my parents house the other day and my teenage cousins could NOT believe it was trendy to collect them back then!

  8. Wow- Great list. Definitely wish my POGS had not disappeared, because they were so much fun. My Mom used to give us those as rewards for good grades, doing stuff around the house, etc.

    I'm still known to watch Boy Meets World if I can find it somewhere on television. I really need to get to buying it on DVD one of these days...

    One vital component that I think is missing from your list. Slap on bracelets. Those were amazing, and doubled as a weapon with the annoying boy in your class who secretly had a crush, was being a little too annoying. They were the prelude to throwing beer in a guy's face.

  9. Haha Jules I was going to put slap bracelets on the list, but forgot! I used them for the same thing! Too funny.