Friday, September 24, 2010

Fantabulous Friday

(Caution:  this blog could very well turn into a ranting session.  I apologize in advance.)
Yes indeedy, today was definitely fantabulous.  Personally, I had a great day.  If you had a bad day, here's a big hug from me to make you feel better:

Also, hopefully your day will get better due to the misery of others. 

Misery on Fantabulous Friday, you ask?  Surprisingly, yes.  However, misery for one Lindsay Lohan
makes for fantabulous entertainment for me (and you).  Plus, for once I'm proud of the judicial system in Hollywood. 

After failing a drug test a mere TWO weeks after leaving rehab, Lindsay showed up in court today most likely expecting a slap on the wrist and maybe the judge shaking a finger at her with a halfhearted, "Tsk tsk,"  before being released to rehab for another few weeks.  Much to her dismay, my new hero, Judge Fox, refused to set bail for Miss Lohan and ordered her back to jail until her next court date, over a month away.  My feelings on the matter are simple:


I'm sorry, but this whole special treatment for the famous bit is just ridiculous, and frankly I'm glad someone FINALLY put their foot down.  Time and time again these celebrities are given freebies for offenses that would land regular people in prison for months (or possibly years).  Hit and run?  No big deal, just don't do it again.  Arrested for cocaine?  Hey, it happens.  Just take a month off from partying and stay in a luxurious rehab.  Abuse dogs?  No biggie, just spend 21 months in jail, then get out and be paid exhorbitant amounts of money to play football. 

I am sick to death of this crap.  These people are given so many privileges as celebrities.  They have the money to do whatever they want, they can travel all over the world, experience so many things us normal folks only dream about.  Instead of doing something useful, contributing in some way or being a POSITIVE role model for the young impressionable people in the world, they think they're above the law and decide to dabble in drugs, sex tapes and every other scandal they can think of.  They assume they won't be held responsible for their actions because - let's face it - celebrities are hardly ever held responsible.

Don't get me wrong here.  I actually think Lindsay Lohan is talented.  I thought she was adorable in The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday.  I also LOVE Mean Girls.  The girl has a gift, and she insists on wasting it by spending most of her time high or drunk.  It's a sad, sad shame. 

Hopefully she'll actually learn a lesson this time. 


  1. How many different ways can I say "Agree?"

    Sadly, the only way these people will stop getting light treatment is if we stop giving it to them. I've seen a trend happening over the last few years that is going the right direction. Vick doing jail time for the dog stuff was unprecedented, Paris Hilton did (very light) jail time for driving on a suspended license. NOBODY does jail time for that. I'VE been caught driving on a suspended license and only got a ticket with a $150 fine.

    I'm glad she's doing time. I'm glad she's being punished for a crime that deserves punishment and that everybody else would have to serve for.

    Maybe she can get her act together- look at Drew Barrymore and RDJ, it can be done!

  2. Oh Lindsey Lohan, thank you for making my life seem so much easier...and trust me, that's not easy! lol.

    I agree though, with all that money you think she'd do something positive. I think it's the law of physics though. If you don't have it, you want it, and you want to do good things with it.

    If you do have it, it's more like an annoyance, and a good way to get rid of that annoyance is by partying. it's an expensive habit. like shoes. only worse. :)

  3. Be prepared to see her in tomorrows "SIck of Them Saturday". BTW, I just got a text from E!News telling me that the judge DID set bail after saying he wasnt going to...nice huh

  4. I know! I got the same alert. I'm so disappointed...

  5. You can't see it, but I'm doing a slow clap that's turning into a standing ovation.

    Amen, sistah!

  6. LOL Meg! That was awesome. Thank you!