Monday, September 20, 2010

Movie Delight Monday

Last night I was thinking about how excited I am for November to get here so I can start covering my favorite Christmas movies.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

Until then, I'll just have to share my other faves, like today's MOVIE DELIGHT MONDAY pick:

I saw this film for the first time as a senior in high school.  My best bud Tiff kept raving about it, and since I loved Gene Wilder so much (still do) I figured I'd give it a shot.  Loved it!

The incomparable Wilder plays scientist Frederick Frankenstein (who repeatedly insists that his name is pronounced Froderick Fronkensteen), a respected professor at a university and somewhat happily-engaged to prissy Elizabeth (played by one of my favorites, Madeline Kahn).  His grandfather dies, leaving his estate to his grandson, who is embarrassed of the studies and rumors about granddad's experiments with rejuvenating dead tissues.

Dr. Frankenstein goes to see about his inheritance and meets his new assistant Inga (played by an entertaining Teri Garr), helper Igor (pronounced "Eyegore" and played by hilarious Marty Feldman) and the head servant at the castle, Frau Blucher (pronounced "Blewher" played by Cloris Leachman).  

After discovering his grandfather's laboratory and journals, Dr. Frankenstein becomes obsessed with completing the experiment himself.   

The film is full of fabulous one-liners and innuendos.  Many people are put off because of the film being in black and white, but after about 15 minutes of watching you forget all about it. 

This is a must-see for anyone who's a Mel Brooks or Gene Wilder fan. If you're a fan of both, you'll find this film to be doubly awesome.

*Note:  You'll be happy to recognize the late, great Peter Boyle as the monster!*


  1. I ADORE Madeline Kahn. And this movie. And Gene Wilder. And Mel Brooks. But we're getting off the subject: MADELINE KAHN.

  2. I can't remember exactly, but I always laugh at the part where they go up to the castle and knock on the door. One character turns to the other and says, "Nice knockers." (I wish I could cite it correctly, but it stuck with me enough to remember the line.) :)

  3. OMG I can't wait until Christmas!!!

    I've never seen this movie but I do love Gene Wilder. I'll have to check it out.

  4. Never seen this one either lol. Although I too love Christmas movies!

  5. Best movie ever! It's seriously one of my favorites! "Neeeeyyyyyy!"

    Has anyone seen the musical adaptation?

  6. You have no soul if you don't think this movie is funny. CLASSIC! I love Mel Brooks!

  7. I vaguely remember watching this one a long time ago and it was funny.

  8. I love this movie! Did you know it's a musical now? Hilarious.