Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Totally Rad Like, For Sure 90s Week: Day Four- The Fashion

Welcome to Day Four of

Today when we look back at 90s fashion, we cringe (especially those of us unfortunate enough to have been old enough to really be into the fashion back then).  However, at the time we thought we were the coolest things since sliced bread and no fashion era before had ever been as good.  Sheesh...

The early trendsetters of the 90s were the kids of 90210 and Saved By The Bell. 
The  jeans, spandex shorts, off-the-shoulder oversized shirts and big hair were all the rage.   For some unknown reason some fashion person (who should be shot) thought girls looked good in floral-print/tribal-design blazers.  Ugh.

This poor girl wore nothing but blazers for that entire show.
There was the long-sleeved plaid shirt tied around your waist look.

Oversized shirts pulled into that weird circle thing.

Let's not forget the Hammer pants.

Basically, it was all just awful.  Then there was the hair....

In the early 90s when grunge was still fading out, the general hairdo for both men and women was long and board-straight.  Then came hairspray and teasing.

The bigger and frizzier it was, the better.  Even guys rocked the big hair.

Of course there was also the mullet and a brief (thank God) appearance of the rat tail.

Then, thankfully, the mid-90s gave way to straight and sleek, short and chic. "The Rachel"  became the most-requested hairstyle in salons all over the US thanks to Jennifer Aniston.

We can't forget the ever-important hair accessory of the 90s:


Thankfully movies like Clueless came out and pushed fashion in a new - and MUCH improved - direction.

Thank you, valley girls.  Thank you.


  1. Staple outfit for a 90s kid like I was? T-shirt pulled through the goofy circle thing, spandex bike shorts (oh yes, mine had about an inch of lace dyed the same color at the bottom. Because they were most definitely outrageously colored), and a big old scrunchie.

  2. Hahaha...awesome post. I remember scrunchies the most because I was still pretty young in the 90's. I remember my friend in 3rd grade got her hair cut like Billy Ray Cyrus because she was in love with him, and it was indeed a mullet. Man, even with a mullet, Uncle Jesse looked hott.

  3. Wow, did we really dress like that?! Oh, wait, now I remember. Yes we did. I'm definitely guilty of the jean jacket.

  4. Don't forget overalls... and only buttoning one strap because that was the "cool" thing to do.

  5. I'm loving this.
    I cringed and liked my boyfriend a little less when I found out he had a rat tail when he was a kid (cringing now thinking about it).

    DOn't forget the scrunchie socks over tights.

  6. Holy shit I totally used to rock the plaid shirt look around the waist. I LOVED IT SO MUCH WHEN I WAS IN MY TEENS :) Thanks so much for bringing back a lovely memory :)

  7. LoL that is so true about Jesse..that is all she ever wore on that show! I can say that I am very happy that I wasnt a teen until the late 90s when fashion was much better lol.

  8. Nice post! I love the big hair! I wish they would bring it back. I was too young to really experience it.

  9. What about SLAP BRACELETS?!?!?!?!? OMG! I had tons of scrunchies. And my hair was permed and I had the crazy bangs.

  10. i was still so young in the 90's that fashion wasnt any of my priorities. lol

    thus my mom always chose the clothes i had. and most of them were matching top and bottoms.

    lol but it WAS cute! hahaha better than my guy friends wearing jeans white socks and leather shoes. lol

  11. please dont remind me about stonewash even my purse was stonewash denim.
    I used to tease my hair and wear those weird circle things on my

  12. haha jess :) gotcha TWICE! :)

    didja notice i made changes? :)

  13. Mullets and Rat tails with the Acid Wash should be revived, society and television brainwashed us to think what looks "good" and what looks "awefull" I just dont understand why everyone has to wear black with and grey what ever happened to neon colors and fun prints... have we lost our individuality and the ability to be unique???

  14. lol pretty cool, though if I remember correctly, scrunching up hair came before the grunge era...