Saturday, September 11, 2010

Totally Rad Like, For Sure 90s Week: The End

First of all, I want to address today's date.  Nine years ago today I sat in the principal's office as a senior in high school and saw on the news one of the Twin Towers on fire from a plane crash.   Moments later we watched the second plane hit, and my tiny little naive 17-year old world was suddenly a lot bigger and a great deal scarier.  We will never forget the innocent victims and the men and women who died trying to save them.  God bless the families and loved ones, and GOD BLESS OUR NATION.  We need it.

Well it's been a fun flashback week.  Thanks for all of the comments, guys.  I'm glad to know y'all enjoyed the walk down Memory Lane as much as I have. 

To end this totally rad week, I'm leaving y'all with one of the best YouTube videos on the 90s I could find.  It's basically the 90s in a nutshell.  Enjoy!

Also, I LOVED when VH1 did "I love the 90s" specials, and I found a video of every intro for each year from the 90s.  Check it out if ya feel frisky.

Have a great weekend!  I have two exams Monday so you won't be hearing from me until next week!

Hasta la vista, babies. 


  1. Ok...first I want to swear to you that I posted BEFORE reading yours. I mean...we even posted the same picture. LOL. We seem to be on the same brain wave a lot.

    Second...I always always wanted to be the Pink Ranger.

    Have a great weekend:)

  2. power rangers! :) the power rangers now is so weird. they come in threes. i dont understand why. lol

  3. I also love all of the "I love the 90's eppys". Come to thinkg of it I like all of the 80's and 2000 ones too lol

  4. I like this about the 90's..thanks for being so poignant. too.

  5. POWER RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

    Btw, I was a senior in high school on 9/11, too! Crazy how we all remember exactly what we were doing.

  6. It's hard to believe it's been 9 years.

    Your 90's week was great :)
    I like those VH1 specials.
    Good luck on your exams!

  7. 9 years? it seems like it's been more than that. LOL