Friday, September 10, 2010

Totally Rad Like, For Sure 90s Week: Day Six - The Fads

Alright, it's

and so far this week we've covered the dances, the movies, the music, the clothes, the tv shows, and today - Day Six - we're going to talk about the fads.  That's right, every crazy fad I can think of - both awesome and ridiculous. 

Ready?  Here we go...

Koosh Balls

I had a teacher who stole these from students and used 'em as stress balls.

Trapper Keepers (Also, Lisa Frank stuff)
Also had the stickers, pencils, erasers and folders. 

I was AWESOME at pogs.  I had super-cool slammers that were metal and had 8balls on them.

Beanie Babies
All I wanted was one with my birthday on it.  Did they have one?  NO.  Stupid beanies.

Doc Martens
I just HAD to have a pair of these after a friend of mine went to Paris over the summer and came back with a pair. 

Push Pops
I was more of a sunflower seed and laffy taffy kind of kid.

Polly Pocket
Didn't have any of these.  Too many tiny pieces to deal with.  Plus we had dogs that liked to chew small toys. 

I thought she was cool because she was on that show Step by Step.

WWJD Bracelets
Had one of these in just about every color.

Troll Dolls
I've already covered these.  My sister had them, and they creeped me out.  Evil little dolls with crazy hair.  (I suspect that they are the cause behind the belly button piercing craze.)

Slip n Slides
The most awesome thing to do in the world.  Well, other than putting Dawn on the trampoline and hosing it down.   (I can't believe I never broke a bone as a child.)

Fanny Packs
Thank God my mother never bought these for us.

I was the champion of skip-it.  I could do like 500 skips in a minute.  Oh yeah.

Those weird pacifier necklace things
I never understood this one.  I did own one, though. It was blue.

Slap bracelets
Yes.  These were almost immediately banned from school due to the whining of wimpy kids being slapped by other people. 

LA Gear light-up shoes
I totally had a pair of these for basketball season.

And we can't forget the catchphrases that took over our vocabulary....



Did I forget any? 


  1. Oh my gosh. I LOVE your blog this week. I love it other times too but... OH THE FLASHBACKS :) I loved pogs and scoured the earth for beanie babies I didn't own! And I did have polly pockets but the real ones not those bad imitations they have now that are huge. I had fake Doc Martens because I couldn't afford the real thing but still wanted to be cool.

    I am not sitting here wondering what I did with my pogs and secretly glad I kept my polly pockets and some beanie babies for any future kids I may have :) Thanks Jess!

  2. I looooooved Trapper Keepers. I also had many slap bracelets, Pogs!!!, and light up sneakers. Push pops were a must on the grocery list, too.

    When were those Nano Babies/Tamagotchi things big? I remember they got banned at my school because people would sit there and play with them all day. That was before we had cell phones to play on. Those got banned too.

  3. 1. I freaking miss pogs. Like seriously, that's the most fun you could have with cardboard.
    2. Yeah, I wear a fanny pack every single day. Don't judge me, I walk dogs for a living. I swear it's a necessity, and not a fashion statement. So far, no one believes me that it's the best way to do it, but they fail to suggest something different.

  4. I used to have a pog slammer with a hologram of an Eagle on it. I remember how mind-blowingly awesome it was!

  5. YESSSSSSSSSSSS! I love love love this entire post!
    I had a pink skip it! I loved slap bracelets! I had tons of pogs and foosh balls! I had like 5,000 WWJD bracelets! AHHHHH love this!

  6. Your 90's week has been awesome :)
    I never liked trolls. My daughter has Polly Pockets, they are still popular.

    I still use 90's slang...sike and diss are forever in my vocab :)

  7. I was terrible at Pogs. I was routinely swept by everybody I knew.

    I knew a girl at my high school (who was the homecoming queen my junior year) who had every color of Docs they made at the time. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 pairs. She couldn't even wear one a day and get through them all in a school year.

    I never understood why "Sike" is spelled like that. Shouldn't it be "Psych!" as in psychological warfare or something?

  8. trolls pogs lisa franks polly pocket!


    jess what are you trying to do?? lol

  9. Ok well I had MANY of these things! I used to love back to school shopping so I could get every Lisa Frank folder and pencil they made. I had a TON of pogs (I really wish I could think of an idea as simple as that and make millions of $$). Had a TON of Beanie Babies and Troll dolls. Also had the pacifer necklace and slap bracelets. Oh and I remember for my 10th birthday all I wanted was a pair of light up boys tennis shoes from Kmart. Totally got them too lol. My mom was prob thrilled that my taste was so cheap!

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