Monday, October 11, 2010

Movie Delight Monday

Happy Monday, y'all!  Hope your weeks start out in fantabulous fashion. 

Since we're well into October, I feel that it's necessary for my Movie Delight Mondays to consist of thriller/horror films.  First, let me inform y'all that I'm the biggest chicken that ever lived.  Seriously, I can't watch scary movies.  I love them, but they freak me out to such an extent that it's hardly worth putting myself through it.  Let me be clear:  I will watch horror movies this month because it's necessary.  However, due to my watching said films, I'll be checking closets, behind shower curtains and the backseat of my car for weeks after this month is over with.

That being said, today I'm covering one of my all-time favorites in the horror movie genre.  I think I can better handle this trilogy because it's sort of.... almost.... kinda like a spoof.  It started out with the intention of  being the horror film that made fun of horror films, but turned into a series of films with a cult following - and a fourth installment in the works.  That's right, I'm talking about

The Scream Trilogy

The first film starts out with the awesome Drew Barrymore sporting an awful platinum-blonde wig, in the stereotypical girl-alone-at-night situation.  Creepy guys calls, starts a conversation, then proceeds to scare the bejeezus out of generic pretty girl.  Just when you think she'll be saved - nope, dead girl hanging from tree. 
The opening scene is more of a mood-setter than anything.  You're aware the film is going to be full of horror movie no-nos, but also a bit scary. 

After this, we're introduced to our main character, Sidney (played by the somewhat-annoying but still lovable Neve Campbell).  Poor Sidney's mother was murdered one year ago, supposedly by Cotton Weary.  Suddenly two students are murdered, bringing attention back on Sidney's mother. Dad has to go out of town (of course), so she's going to be home alone - GASP! - for a few days.  Not to worry, though, because her creepy boyfriend Billy (Skeet Ulrich) had an affection for crawling into her bedroom window at night and pressuring her to have sex.
Sidney is surrounded by Billy and her friends, slutty Tatum (Rose McGowan), her boyfriend Stu (Matthew Lillard, who I LOVE in this film) and film fanatic Randy (Jamie Kennedy).  Randy is the one who's always making references to films, explaining the "rules" to both the characters and the viewers of the film.  Also on hand are Tatum's older brother Dewey (David Arquette), the inept deputy who wants to be a hero, and reporter Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox-Arquette) who's just trying to get to Sidney for a story.

The killer begins stalking Sidney via phone, and suddenly she's under attack by a crazed killer donning a Halloween costume/ghost mask. More people start to die (obviously), most of which have broken a rule of the horror genre.  The film reaches a climax at a house party, full of underage kids drinking and watching Halloween while Randy explains the rules in detail. 
 Eventually the killer is revealed and everyone is shocked by who it is.  Battle royale between killer and Sidney ensues, and the film ends with creepy alternative music playing as police cars arrive on the scene of the mass murders.   

Scream 2 starts out by catching us up with the survivors from the first film.  Sidney and Randy are in college, and slowly moving on with their lives.  Sidney has gotten over her boyfriend issues and is dating a hunky frat boy, Derek (Jerry O'Connell).                      
Cotton Weary, who had been originally charged with Sidney's mother's murder, is out of prison now, and wants to cash in on his personal suffering. Gale has written a story about the Woodsboro murders, which has been turned into a film.  The film promotes a craze, and Dewey joins Sidney at school for fear that she'll need protection.  He's right, because suddenly it seems like a copycat killer is on the loose, and he's after Sidney.  

I like the second installment because it makes use of the college setting to massacre ditzy blonde sorority girls and address the issue of Greek partying in excess.  (If you party, you die.)  Some interesting characters meet unfortunate ends in this film, but it's still a good one.

Scream 3 takes place in California.  Yet another installment of the "Stab" movies is being made, and a series of murders bring up Sidney's mother.  Sidney, who's been in hiding since the nightmare of college, decides to got to Hollywood to find out more about her mother.  Of course, as soon as she hits the movie lot, the killer is after her.  Gale and Dewey join Sidney, and Cotton Weary also shows up in the film, if only for a short time.
Parker Posey plays Jennifer, who will be playing Gale Weathers in Stab 3, and thus begins following Gale around in an effort to learn more about her for acting purposes.  After realizing cast members of the film are being killed in order they are supposed to die in the script, it's decided that Jennifer is the next victim.  Together Sidney, Gale, Dewey and Detective Kincaid (played by the totally hot Patrick Dempsey) set out to find out who the killer is before another murder takes place, and help Sidney solve the mystery of her mother as well.  

Yet again, it's a constant ball of confusion over whodunit, because just when you think you know who the killer is, that person is murdered. 

I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen the films yet, so I won't say who the killers are in any of the films, or what the mystery of Sidney's mother turned out to be.   I will say, though, that if you've never taken the time to watch these films, DO IT NOW.  They're all great!

Also, on a totally awesome side note, a fourth installment of the Scream series just wrapped filming last month, with original stars Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox-Arquette returning.  Joining them are some younger stars such as Emma Roberts and Hayden Panetierre.  Both Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven have supposedly signed on for a three-part series, since originally the Scream movies were intended to be only a trilogy.   I'm so excited about this film, and can't wait to see it (release date is set for April 2011)!


  1. I'm way too wimpy to watch slasher flicks. No can do. I beat my husband up years ago while we were watching Club Dread, all because I lost complete control of my limbs at scary moments. It's best for me to avoid. So, I've never seen any of the Screams.

    Funny fact: I love I Am Legend. One of my favorite movies. Zombies and post apocalyptic genres are acceptable for me, because they're so much less realistic feeling. I know, it's ridiculous!

  2. Scream was the very first movie I ever asked for as a gift for Christmas. I carried that thing around everywhere because it was mine and I didn't have to share with my three step brothers and two sisters. But when it came to finally watching it, I couldn't watch it alone and made my oldest brother sit in my bedroom with me.

    I've only seen the first two and I'm unsure of why I lost interest, but I did. Maybe Boyfriend and I will have to have a slasher movie marathon.

  3. The Scream movies are great, I especially loved the first one. I loved how they kept you guessing as to who the killer is. How cool that 4 is coming out!
    Great post!

  4. Loved the first scream the best! I like scary movies, but can't watch Childs Play!!! Frickin Chucky doll scares the crap outta me!

  5. This makes me want to go back and watch these movies. I know what I'm doing THIS weekend! :)

    Do you know if the new Nightmare on Elm Street is any good? I almost rented it the other day.

  6. Eeee I love the Scream series, can't wait for the fourth!

  7. i cant wait to see Scream 4. I feel like they are torturing me though, cause it's not even coming out until mid 2011. gah! i will definitely need to have a marathon to remind myself how much i love those movies. too bad you're so far away, Jess!!!! lol.

  8. I can't wait until Scream 4! I hope there will also be a 5th and 6th edition.