Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

Well, my blogging bud Tress over at Jumble Mash tagged me in what has apparently become the newest blogging meme:


I promised her I'd do this (and she's totally awesome), so here it goes....

How it works:

1. Tell everyone who tagged you.
2. Find and post each item on the list.
3. Tag 7 other blogs.
4. Notify each blogger that was tagged.

Now for the hunt:

1. Favorite YouTube video.
Ever since Nicole over at It's All Random posted this as thanks for a blog award, it's been my favorite! Check out this guy Mitchell's YouTube page, he's hilarious.

2. A photo that will make everyone say "Awwww."
How could you not?!

3. A funny t-shirt.
Sadly, it's true.

4. Something geeky.
Love me some Sheldon.

5. Link or photo of your favorite movie.

This was a really tough one because I love SO many movies....
but since I had to pick one...went with this one. Best romantic comedy ever!

6. Link to the newest blog you've discovered.
World Between the Lines

7. Photo of something on your wishlist.
A day at the spa.....oh how I'd love one!

Well, there you have it.  My scavenger hunt is complete.

I'm not going to tag seven specific people, but instead I'm giving an open invitation to all of my awesome readers!  If you want to take part and take a day off from your regular blogging, join in!  It was fun!


  1. Ok I just tried posting a comment and it disappeared...so sorry if this is duplicated.

    The t-shirt is sooo true! Great hunting, Jess :)

  2. Awwww. I love that picture of that dog. And I LOVE that youtube video too. How aweome!

    Great post!


  3. Aww thanks for the shoutout and link to my blog!!

  4. holy crap that "i love you" video made my day. fan-freakin-tastic!