Saturday, October 16, 2010

John Hughes lied to me

Before the angry mob forms with pitchforks and torches, let me explain.

I love John Hughes.  I think he was awesomely talented, and his movies in the 80s taught me everything I needed to know about high school. 

However, that being said.....

He completely lied about romance.  By doing so, he set me up to be hugely disappointed throughout the majority of my teen years.  Why do I feel this way?  Well, let me break out the evidence:

Exhibit A:
Sixteen Candles
Thanks to this film, I believed the hottest, richest, most popular boy in school would break up with his hot blonde girlfriend to go out with me - the lowly, awkward sixteen-year-old.


Exhibit B:
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Thanks to this film, I believed I there existed such a teenage boy who was so cool that he and his dorky best friend would skip school, steal friend's dad's car, break me out of school and take me to the city for the day on an adventure filled with museums, baseball, ritzy restaurants, musical numbers, swimming and serious conversation.....but surprisingly all done within school hours.


Exhibit C:
Breakfast Club
Thanks to this film, I thought all it took for the social walls in school to be broken down was one day in detention, and it was okay for rich girls to date leather-clad, pierced punks and weird girls to date jocks. 


Exhibit D:
Pretty in Pink
Thanks to this film, I believed the popular teenage guy would suddenly develop a conscience, stand up for what's right and not give in to peer pressure from his buds.


I rest my case.


  1. I totally understand your high school woes. they are valid, but, damn, i love these movies! :)

  2. LoL too funny!!! I feel the same way about Saved by the Bell. I thought there were nerds with pocket protectors and suspenders everywhere and when I went I didnt see a single one!

  3. I got into so much damn trouble over those movies! They set me up! It's not "the devil made me do it"...its "John Hughes told me I could do that" lol

  4. I love this.

    It's such a darn shame how we've been lied to.

  5. you crack me up :) I actaully watched Pretty In Pink for the hundreth time yesterday. God, I never get tired of that

  6. Oh gosh i just can't ever hate John Hughes, sure he made us all believe in slightly unrealistic the story lines but the way he portrayed teen life, angst and social boundaries was just pure genius.

  7. John Bender lied to me. I always thought the bad boy would suddenly turn good but they just steal your diamond earring and run...

  8. HAHA Awesome. Most movies (chick flicks) are that way. Men just aren't like that in real life. Like who's the dude from A Walk to Remember? Yeah that doesn't happen.