Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Blog Worth Reading

Hey guys.  I'm going to bail on the A-to-tha-Zizzle challenge, because - let's be honest - it was getting boring.  Also, I'm not one for challenges that last longer than a day or two.  My attention span is equal to that of a second grader.  So yes, I'm a quitter.  Proud of it. 

Anyhoo,  enough of that malarkey. 

I follow a few dozen blogs, about 10 or so of which I read on a daily basis.  Some are hilarious, some are nonsensical (like mine), some are about travel, family, jobs, music, movies or books, and then there are a few that touch on very real and important topics.  One such blog is Why Am I Not Surprised? by Changeseeker.

This blog happens to be written by my sociology professor, and to say the woman is an eye opener is putting it mildly.  The very first day of class she told a room full of students about where she came from, who she is and why she became that way.  She has endured struggles in her life - two of which I don't know that I would be strong enough to endure were they to happen to me.  She overcame poverty, hardships, loss and discrimination to gain her education, her outlook on life and her absolutely wonderful opportunity to share with young students every day.   She is completely passionate about what she does, which nowadays is rare for a college professor.  On more than one occasion during a lecture she has provoked within me many strong emotions: shock, remorse, anger, shame and even a little bit of self-loathing once.  

Changeseeker is a supporter of many different causes, and her blog is reflective of that.  She's an excellent writer, and I highly suggest you go take a peek at her page and become a follower.  She may make you uncomfortable with truths you didn't want to know, but you'll be a better person because of her.  I know I am.


  1. I can handle the truth! I'm off to check out this blog...

  2. Excited to check out the blog, and to see what comes next here!

  3. I'm honored, Jess. Thanks for your kind words.

  4. Off to check her blog out :)

  5. I came here from Jumble Mash and now I am off to check the blog you have mentioned.......Everyday I find more and more blogs to follow