Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Day after Gaga!

I was supposed to continue April's A-to-tha-Zizzle Challenge yesterday with the letter H, but I was so busy getting ready for Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour that I completely forgot.  So, tomorrow I'll be posting on the letters H and I, which I will refer to as the HI post (yeah, that's funny isn't it? I promise I didn't plan that!)

My sister, cousin and I decided to dress up for the concert since we figured when else is it acceptable to dress ridiculous (besides Halloween and Mardi Gras, that is), and this is what we looked like:

We also added fake eyelashes on the way, so just imagine us with hot pink, lime green and rainbow-colored eyelashes in addition to the other stuff.  We were HOT. 

When we got to the arena people started asking us to take pictures with them.  We met all kinds of Gaga freaks and took dozens of pictures with them.  Our tickets were in the nosebleeds because we bought them a few weeks after they had gone on sale, but while we were walking around on the main floor a security guard let us in on the first level.  We were PSYCHED!  We went from awful seats to excellent seats. 

She put on a great show!  We had a blast. 

However, due to the excitement over Gaga I neglected my studies all weekend.  Time to study!

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  1. wow! you guys look great! Glad to hear you had fun and ended up with good seats.