Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie Delight Monday

That's right.

This devil of a day has returned for vengeance.

Unbeknownst to manic Monday, we have an antidote to her hellish ways. Yes, indeedy, it's time for


I know, you're ecstatic.

In accordance with my rebellion, I have popped myself a bag of movie butter popcorn (it's so good!), and will now share with you one of my most favorite 80s gems:

Just One of the Guys

The first time I ever saw this movie, I thought Joyce Hyser was quite possibly the coolest chick on the planet. Not only was she brave enough to chop off her hair, but she also went into the BOYS' BATHROOM! Eww. (Think 12-year-old mentality.)

Summary: hot chick Terry wants to be a writer, but her sexist journalist teacher chooses a boy over her for a piece to be published in local paper. Anger provokes hot chick to cut off hair, dress like a boy and attend a separate school in order to have her piece published. Uncomfortable situations and hilarity ensue.

Lead Hyser isn't the greatest actress, but you'll get surprising pleasure from watching shy guy Rick ("male" Terry's only friend) morph into confident cutie throughout the film. His sarcasm is pretty entertaining as well. Another one to watch is Terry's little brother Buddy. He's the average horny teenage virgin, only witty.

WARNING TO PARENTS: Adult language, content and one scene of nudity.

Movie treat: Character Greg Tolan is none other than badass Johnny Lawrence of The Karate Kid films.

That's all for today, kids!

Happy Monday. Heh.


  1. Have never seen it! I'll have to check it out. Maybe Netflix has it...

  2. I loved that movie have seen it a couple of times and it is just so funny......

  3. Never seen that one before. The cover looks funny :)