Monday, July 12, 2010

Movie Delight Monday!

In lieu of offering some frail attempt at excitement about this most despised of days, I will simply say

'Sup, y'all?

So here's the dealio:

I realized this morning that I've posted at least once a day for the past SIXTEEN DAYS. Shocking, I know. In the hopes of continuing this impressive (to me, at least) trend, I decided that maybe I'll be less likely to run out of blog topics if I have some recurring themes. Mondays are always the bane of my existence, and as such my corresponding mood causes for blogger's block. Hence, MOVIE DELIGHT MONDAYS.

You don't have to say it, I know it's brilliant.

This is how it's going to work: every Monday will be dedicated to reviewing movies that are from before 2000. I will cover movies that I feel are under-appreciated for whatever reasons and try to convince you wonderful people to see it ASAP. I encourage you to comment on the movies - whether you love them, hate them, have never seen them - but also to recommend some of your favorite movies from yesteryear that you think are worth sharing. Sound good? Good. So here we go with our first ever MOVIE DELIGHT MONDAY review....

Once Bitten

We all know the 80s affection for vampires, werewolves and all things mythical were on the side of cheese, but that's okay because we loved it. This 1985 teen sex movie was poorly written, and director Howard Storm obviously needed firing, but it's an opportunity to see a young, not-yet-famous Jim Carrey in action.

Young Mark Kendal is frustrated with his frigid girlfriend Robin because she won't put out (ah, teenage love). A night on the town finds our embarrassingly virginal Mark in a tempting situation with a (much) older but still smokin' Lauren Hutton. Add liquor to bad decisions, and you have yourself a teenage vampire.

Hilarity ensues as old lady vamp stalks new teen vamp all over town in effort to save herself from turning into really old lady vamp. Meanwhile, wholesome girlfriend can't figure out why boyfriend is suddenly so distracted, pale and has no reflection.

Despite the obvious problems with this film, Carrey is endearing and fun to watch. Supporting actor Cleavon Little offers a great deal of comic relief as well, so pay attention to his innuendos and facial expressions in his many short scenes.


  1. Ok first off, the movie seems really funny in that amazingly cheesy 80's way and I can't wait to watch it lol. Secondly, this is one of the GREATEST idea's you've ever had. Once again, I stand in awe of your brain and applaud you ma'am. Brilliant!

  2. Well thank you Mo. I blush at your compliments.

  3. Seriously considering going to rent this movie right away. Vampires were way cooler in the 80s when they didn't do that sparkling bullshit, right?

    I think you should review Teen Wolf. I watched that movie stoned last weekend, and let me tell ya -- There is no way you can review that movie and it NOT be hilarious.