Sunday, July 11, 2010

That's What She Said: An appreciation for the double entendre

I have a dirty mind. It can't be helped. If there is an opportunity for something said to be taken the wrong way, my brain will be one of the first ones there. It's really not my fault, what with years of American Pies, Scary Movies and National Lampoons forced upon me (not to mention the Porky's trilogy from the seventies!). Add to that my accompanying dear old dad to work two weeks a year since age twelve - he worked with 12 men, all of whom were single except for three - and it was inevitable.

Out of all of the possible ways one can be dirty-minded, my absolute favorite is "that's what she said" moments. Maybe I appreciate them more because they can't be planned. It's spur-of-the-moment, quick thinking opportunity. I love it.

Most people think the TWSS phenomenon was started on The Office. Sorry Michael Scott fans, but it was first coined during the filming of a Hitchcock film. Originally "as the girl said to the soldier" or "said the actress to the bishop," the phrase changed over time to today's fad. TWSS made mainstream appearance again in the Wayne's World films. The use of the phrase died out in pop culture until the creation of The Office.

As a fun little treat for you, I've decided to post some of the best "that's what she said" lines I've seen in tv shows and movies, as well as instances that have happened to myself and friends.

1. "The smell doesn't really bother me, it still tastes good."
2. "Just stick it in the back if there's room."
3. "Oh man, you got me right in the face."
4. "The last time I went down there I couldn't find it."
5. "Just put it anywhere you want."
6. "Man, my knees hurt really bad!"
7. "Are you done yet? I'm getting tired of holding this."
8. "You're doing it wrong!"
9. "Wait for me!"
10. "Okay, just sit on it for a day and see what happens."
11. "It's stuck!"
12. "You might have to take it out and put it back in again."
13. "Do you have a big one?"
14. "It burns!"
15. "Come again?"

On a side note, let me just say that if you happen to experience a "that's what she said" moment in front of your grandmother - no matter how good it is - do not say it. You don't want to waste an hour of your life trying to explain it to someone who just will not get it. Trust me, I've tried.


  1. LOL. So, I don't know.... I teach high school and I get to hear this phrase a lot and the boys definitely think they're super funny and awesome and original. It gets old after a couple of years! They aren't allowed to say that in my class anymore! And when they do, I tell them to come up with more original comedic material and to get back with me. I teach theatre, so I guess it works. and LOL at the explaining it to your grandma....

  2. at my husband's family christmas party a few years ago, we were doing our gift exchange. someone got his extremely conservative, straight-laced aunt this baking dish, to which she says, "this one's nice and big and deep."

    it wasn't even an option for me because it just came out like word vomit: "that'swhatshesaid!" there was enough chatter in the room to keep me from becoming completely ostracized, but you're right. not in front of your grandmother.

  3. Actually, the explaining to grandma is what prompted this post. It was hilarious and awful at the same time. The little joys in life...

    Thanks for following and commenting!

  4. Definitely one of my favorites and I highly recommend saying it in front of anyone and everyone, especially grandma! And while no, it may not be the most creative or original thing to say, it sure is funny for those of us who are even just a little dirty minded. You only live life once,you might as well enjoy it while ya can, especially the little things that make you laugh.