Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First day of school review and blog lovin'

Had my first day of school today.  (I was so excited/anxious that I woke up at 4:30am and could not go back to sleep.) I know first impressions aren't always accurate or necessarily a good indicator as far as professors go, but my initial opinions were good.  I'm taking six classes - all lecture classes.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I'm wondering what was I thinking?!, but I'm not going to panic.  Just yet. 

Of course, with my new super-busy schedule (school MWF and work T/Th) I will have a huge chunk of my blogging time cut out, which makes Jess a sad girl. 

So imagine my great delight when I got home to catch up on my bloggin pals' new posts for the day and discovered I've been given another blog award - by not one, but TWO of my blogging pals!

was given to me by both the wonderful Meg at O is Me and Amy at Life's Journey with a Smile.  THEN my pal at Jumble Mash gave me some Blog Lovin' today in her post, which is always awesome.  Nothing like some good blog lovin'! 

Thank you so much ladies!  I really enjoy reading your blogs and hope everyone will wander over and take a peek, because they'll love reading them too!

Note:  Since I just did the whole award/7 things about me/give the award away thing last week, I'm going to ask for a bye on this one.  However, in the next month or so I will be making another award and giving it out!

This day has just been a fantabulously awesome day! However, now I have to go read two chapters of my Psychology textbook and two chapters of a novel about Philosophy for Friday's classes. 



  1. Congrats on your awards! Hoope school doesnt take away too much of your blogging time lol

  2. Anytime!
    Best of luck with the reading and keeping up!!
    What degree are you going for?

  3. BS in Elementary Education (Grades 4-8) with a minor in Psychology. I thought I'd take a Philosophy class "for fun" as well but it looks like that will be my hardest class. Yay.

  4. YAY! You're welcome, girl! Glad that the first day of school went well. I get nervous still, and I'm the teacher!!! You're gonna be great!

  5. i took up BS educational psychology!!!!! :) wow! that's somewhat the same! only it's really educational psychology ... combined. lol

    anyway sorry ive been busy... you know... i dont want to facebook my way here in north cal. lol.

    been blog hopping too everyone seems to be moving!! school is here! hayyyy ... and im still doin nuthin. lol

  6. As much as I'm glad to not to have to write essays or cram for exams anymore, I do sort of miss that first day of lecture. It's so mellow! And then during the next class you get to see if you were put in the discussion section with the cute TA. Aw, memories.