Monday, August 30, 2010

Movie Delight Monday

Ever get a hankering to watch a certain movie genre or feel the urge to have a marathon of every single movie of a particular actor?

Well, lately my hankering has been for John Cusack.

I just want to watch all of the movies he was in during the 80s - even the ones he just had minor roles in.

His sarcasm, quick wit and the way he mumbles when he gets nervous are some of my favorite things about him. Plus, he's a cutie patootie.


So for today, MOVIE DELIGHT MONDAY will also be known as


Okydoke? Alrighty then, here we go with today's movie pick:

Poor Lane Meyer. First his girlfriend dumps him for the captain of the ski team, which throws Lane into a spiral of depression and prompts various suicide attempts - all failures.

His family is really weird - mom likes to cook strange foods and dad won't shut up. They also go out in public in awfully hilarious costumes.

Then there's annoying neighbor Ricky and his awful mother, a boring job (although occasionally the food sings and dances) and the Asians who insist on racing at every redlight in town.

Lane really just wants to kill himself - well, that or win ex-girlfriend Beth back. Fortunately things get better when foreign exchange student Monique shows up.

Lane decides to ski against Beth's new bf and the captain of the ski team, Roy. With the help of Monique and his pal Charles de Mar (played by the hilariously disgusting Curtis Armstrong of Revenge of the Nerds fame), Lane finds that there's more to life than Beth, and possibly even happiness.

This is an absurdly hilarious film, one I can watch over and over again.


P.S. Tomorrow's post will be my 99th, which means tomorrow is the LAST DAY to submit your hilarious first date stories for my AWESOME GIVEAWAY! I've received some really great stories via my blog, email and facebook, and the hubs will read over them all tomorrow night (the deadline is midnight CENTRAL STANDARD TIME so we'll include any up until then) and the winner will be announced Wednesday, which is coincidentally also our ANNIVERSARY. YAY!


  1. GUH.
    John Cusack renders me speechless.
    I love Better off Dead! I WANT MY TWO DOLLARSSS!

  2. I've never seen that one, but I adore John Cusack. I'll have to watch it!!

  3. Hmm Ive never seen this one. Might have to check it out!

  4. I love him!!! Gotta keep note of some of the ones I haven't seen of his.... adding to netflix queue!!!

  5. oh my gosh. I LOVE John Cusack. I think Say Anything is my favorite. Wonderful post like always!
    I vaguely remember Better Off Dead.
    We recently watched Hot Tub Time Machine which I'll probably review soon.