Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Magnificent discovery

First, up...

I logged on to see that I've gained four new followers since yesterday.  Welcome!

Take a snoop around.  You can check out previous posts somewhere down there on the right....

OH and check out my 100th Post Celebratory Giveaway Extravaganza post and submit an awesomely funny/awful first date story for a chance to win a totally rad 80s tee!  DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (CENTRAL STANDARD TIME)!  The winner - selected by the hubs - will be announced tomorrow in my Awesome 100th Post. 

Anyhoo, I'm SO excited about tomorrow that I can't really organize my thoughts well enough to compose a post with substance (which is embarrassing, since I just won the "Blog with Substance" award haha).  I did want to share something with you guys that I didn't personally discover, but someone else introduced me to and it is so unbelievably amazing that you just HAVE to check it out!

One of the recipients of the Blog with Substance Award, Allie at You're Only as Tall as Your Heart Will Let You Be, posted her award acceptance the other night, and as her thanks to me included the video below to describe how she felt about ME at that very moment:

How fantabulous was that?!  I was hysterical - so much so that the hubs insisted on watching it, too.  Plus, how awesome to have that directed to me?!  Of course, after that I had to go check out this Mitchell Davis guy on YouTube, and he's ridiculously funny.  If you like that sort of humor......which I do.  Emphatically. 

Go check out his livelavalive YouTube page, but you can see another one of his video posts below that I found entertaining:

Seriously, I'm way too easily entertained. 

Anyhoo, that's all I can give you today, but keep a lookout tomorrow for my


It will be all about me.  Everything you ever wanted to know about me.....and then some.



  1. lol...great videos, the first one is too funny :)
    he's cracking me up!

  2. Hahaha. Love that dude!

    I'm super excited for tomorrow! I am looking forward to the 100th Post Palooza!

  3. hahaha :) love the i love you video!!!!

  4. LoL love it!!! 100 posts tomorrow whoo hoo!!!

  5. I am one of those four, and love your blog-thanks for making me feel so welcomed!