Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Flashback...

The year was 1998. The show was TRL. These five dudes started singing, and it was the beginning of an obsessive crush that would last well into the new century....

Ahhh.....JT, how I drooled over you.

You're welcome.


  1. oh the clothes! <3 seriously, one of my fav albums is their xmas album! <3

  2. I *might* have stood in line for 16 hours for NSYNC concert tickets.

  3. Oh my! I used to sing this over and over again. Haha! Now i'm browsing their youtube vids. Haha!

  4. LOVED TRL!!!! Too bad MTV doesn't really show music videos anymore except early in the AM. Who woulda thought 12 years ago that JT would be the huge star that he is today!!

  5. Remember how exciting it was to have their CD the minute it came out? Oh, CDs. We used to get in trouble for having our players kick on in our backpacks, and because it was on full blast, there would be this obnoxious humming noise in the middle of a lecture, or worse, test.

  6. I'm with Nicole. Why in the world doesn't Music Television show music anymore?!?!

    N'Sync was fabulous. As well as the Backstreet Boys...except they shoulda been called Backstreet Creepy Men.

  7. hahaha JT is the hotness!

    Alice X

  8. Hey Jess, this doesn't have anything to do with this post. I'm looking for a contact email on your blog. I don't see one. I wanted to send you an email, buuuuuuuuut, I don't see where to.

    Can you let me know? Or email me so I can reply to you (s.cole.garrett@gmail.com)? Thanks! :)

  9. family vacation over (sort of)

    i now have my "i dont have a life" life back.

    lol! i need to catch up with your posts!!!