Friday, October 1, 2010

Fantabulous Friday

I can't tell you how completely thrilled I am that Friday has finally arrived.  This week has been an exhausting one.  Some of the exhaustion was my fault (a Sunday adventure in New Orleans, the Britney episode on Glee - which caused much excitement at my house - a football game viewing at my Alma mater - which they lost. Embarrassingly badly), but most of it was school.  I have yet more exams next week AND the week after that.  I love school.  I love school.  I love school.  I love school.  Nope, still not working...

ANYHOO, on a much brighter -and much more entertaining - note, today's fantabulous topic is the brainchild of one of the coolest dudes in the blogsphere.  The totally fantabulous Cole Garrett over at Dry Humor Daily has thought up a pretty nifty idea, and I'm going to share it with you guys because I was immediately eager to jump on board and join in on something that is sure to catch on like something totally non-STD-related.  Yeah.  Like pogs.  Or the phrase "that's what she said." 

Now that I have your undivided attention, I can share with you Cole's awesomely titillating (that word always makes me giggle) invention.  Are you ready?

Are you?  REALLY?

I present to you:

Obviously this isn't the quilt I speak of.  It's merely for
 entertainment purposes. Click the link above the picture.  Duh.
The Blog Quilt so cool, though.  You can add your badge for your blog to the page, then add the badge for The Blog Quilt on your personal blog to refer other bloggers to the quilt. (Hopefully that wasn't confusing, although I almost confused myself.)  The hope is that eventually we'll be a part of one awesome, gargantuan internet quilt.  We can all cuddle up together underneath it in our bond of Blogdom.  Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it? 
Warm and fuzzy like these ridiculously cute kittens

So, I beseech you (I've always wanted to use that word in a sentence!) good people to click the link, go see the quilt and join us!  Together we can make a difference!

That really has nothing at all to do with this, but I just had to use it.

Love, peace and chicken grease, y'all!


  1. Isn't this such a great idea? I cannot believe Cole is the first person to come up with it!

  2. LOL. The best part was "The More You Know" pic because I imagined the little song in my head and the little star flying across the screen. Genius. And that is a really cool idea to do a blog quilt! Gonna check it out after I get a full night's sleep!

  3. That's so awesome!! Thanks for the info!!