Saturday, October 2, 2010

The chaos that is college football.

If you aren't a college football fan, then just disregard this post because it's all about the NCAA.  

Also, if you happened to miss the LSU-Tennessee game today, I highly suggest you go on ESPN or Fox Sports or YouTube (or just watch ESPN's football wrap up later tonight).  Why, you ask?  Because the few seconds AFTER the end of the game were craziness.  Yes, after. 

A little bit of info about my Tigers:

(Note:  I refer to the LSU Tigers as "we" because, like all LSU fans, I consider myself part of the team.  I know it's a bit ridiculous, but you'd have to be an SEC fan to understand.)

LSU is having an awful year.  We are, in fact, undefeated.  It's all a mirage though, because on paper there's no way we should be.  We have an immature, finicky quarterback who tends to be careless with passes.  We also have a coach who is the worst time manager in the history of college football.  Our defense is one of the best in the nation, which is how we've managed to keep getting Ws.  There are a few great offensive players, but they can't do much with an inept quarterback and idiot coach.

Here's how it went down:

LSU struggled offensively throughout the entire game.  Four - count 'em, FOUR - turnovers, an obscene amount of penalties and terrible time management found my Tigers down by four points with about a minute left.  We've got backup quarterback Lee in, and our guys are moving down the field.  For some reason unknown to us, Coach Miles puts Jefferson back in (which prompts a loud "Boo" from the stands).  A penalty against Tennessee puts us on the TWO YARD LINE, and it looks like we're about to pull off a win.  Then the clock starts moving again, and our quarterback is roaming around on the field like a lost second-grader at the zoo. 

The hubs and I are screaming at the television as the clock ticks down...5...4..3... FINALLY our guy snaps the ball, which proceeds to fly over Jefferson's head and he's chasing it down as time expires.  We lost.  WE LOST!?  We were RIGHT THERE.  On the TWO YARD LINE.  What an idiot! 

Tennessee players are rushing the field and the TN coach is making his way across the field for the obligatory handshake with Miles.  LSU fans are making their way out of the stadium dejectedly. 

Oh, I'm mad.  I'm stomping around the living room grumbling about Les Miles being the worst coach in the history of the world and if LSU doesn't fire him I'm going to take my big behind to his house and fire him myself.....

"Wait! There's a penalty!"  the hubs begins swatting at my arm in excitement.   I look back at the tv, not daring to feel any hope that there is some miraculous intervention by the good Lord Himself taking place.  Unfortunately for Tennessee, they can't count.  The commentators freeze the replay and count the number of defenders on the line when LSU snapped the ball before time expired.  They had THIRTEEN guys on the field (for you non-football folks, you can only have eleven)!  This means LSU gets a free play with no time on the clock.  One play.  One opportunity. 

And wouldn't you know it, the skies opened up, angels descended from heaven and our boys made the touchdown.  LSU wins 16-14. 


I'm still in shock.  That was craziness.  Did Tennessee earn the win?  Yep.  Did LSU deserve to lose?  Certainly.  However, we still got the W.  I'll take it.


  1. Wow that is a crazy game. Im a Michigan fan myself, but I have to say that I were a Tennessee fan I would be pissed!!

  2. So strange that this is called football in America, football here is entirely different...

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