Monday, April 22, 2013

T is for Tearjerkers

The hubs and I were watching Toy Story 3 recently with our daughters, and at the end he looked over to see me bawling my eyes out.  Hubs proceeded to start laughing at me, which provoked a loud "WHAT?!" from me.  He replied that I cry over nearly half of the movies we watch.  I argued, of course.  He insisted that any and all movies that have the slightest emotional content cause me to end up sniffling and surrounded by kleenex.  Of course, I set out to prove him wrong.....and was shocked to learn that there are, in fact, a ton of films that reduce me to tears.

Honestly I shouldn't have been surprised, I cry over everything.  I still can't watch the last episode of Friends without sobbing for a good ten minutes.  There are even some Hallmark commercials that make me cry.

Blog law states that I'm required to share such a realization with you guys, so here it is: 

The Moves That Make Me Cry
 No Matter How Many Times I Watch Them

Steel Magnolias
It doesn't matter that I've seen this movie more times than I can count.  I always find myself completely hysterical at the end, until the comic relief kicks in, which then leaves me half sobbing-half laughing.  Ridiculous.

Fried Green Tomatoes
Okay, I cry a little bit when Buddy dies.  When Ruth gets sick, though -  sobs.  Heaving, shaking sobs.  It's just so sad.  That stupid pond story.

A Walk to Remember
The book made me cry so much more than the movie, but it did still wrench some tears from me at the end.  Shane West crying would make any woman tear up. 

Okay.  First off, let me just say that whoever decided that BRUCE WILLIS would die should have been fired.  Immediately.  That scene with him and Ben Affleck - so sad.  I get so upset over it that I usually just skip the entire scene.  Seriously.  I haven't watched that scene in over four years. 

Independence Day
"Is mommy sleeping now?"  "Yes, mommy's sleeping now."  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

My Best Friend's Wedding
Aside from the awesome speech Jules makes after the wedding, this movie is near and dear to my heart for various reasons, and I always cry.  Every time. 

On Christmas morning when mom and kids have their own Christmas upstairs, and when mom and stepmom have dinner sad.  I think this one makes me cry more because of my grandmother, who passed away from cancer when I was a child. 

Forrest Gump
First bubba dies, then momma dies, then Jenny dies.  When he's talking to Jenny's grave, the tears just start and won't stop. 

Marley and Me
Hysterical sobs at the end of this film.  Completely unconsolable.  If you've ever loved a dog, this movie will make you cry.  Even the hubs was crying big 'ol alligator tears during this one!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Yeah, Dobby died at the end of Part 1 and it's sad and all.  But when Fred Weasley dies (FRED?!?!?) I'm a sobbing mess.  It was way worse when I read the book.  I was so upset about this.  I'd rather they killed Luna Lovegood off. 

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  1. I am afflicted with over-emotional nonsensical crying genes, as well. I almost started tearing up just reading about the parts of the movies that make YOU tear up... ridiculous!