Monday, June 28, 2010

80s Movies

Kids today just don't appreciate a good movie like they used to. I am a movie freak. I've spent more money on my dvd/blu ray collection than I have on my truck (which is almost paid off). My favorite genre is comedy, but my preference is 80s movies in general. There are so many film treasures from the eighties that young people today have never even heard of. It's a tragedy if you ask me.

Take my younger cousin, for instance. Seventeen year old. High school senior. Smart, witty, generally good taste in music and television. Ask her about her favorite movies, though, and you hit a dead end. This kid prefers the awful movie remakes that have swept the big screen in recent years to the originals. Okay, so maybe Rob Zombie's Halloween was good, but is it better than John Carpenter's version? Absolutely not!

I have tried relentlessly to broaden my cousin's taste in movies. I recommend movies (usually mid-90s or earlier), praising the dialogue, soundtrack, storyline, etc. She'll sit through an average of twenty minutes of said movie and decide she's bored. Really?! Interview With the Vampire is boring? Ferris Bueller? Can't Buy Me Love? BEETLEJUICE?! I just want to throw a shoe at her.

The worst is trying to explain why comedies were so much better in the 80s. Obviously due to rating restrictions being so much more strict back then, filmmakers had to be creative. Get the hilarity out of a story without filling the film with naked girls and raunchy sex scenes (so maybe Porky's was an exception to this theory, but who's going to complain about that one?).

Oh and don't even get me started on horror films! Back in the day you didn't have to see brain matter and ooze-dripping zombies to be afraid. It was a mind game. Just knowing what happened was scary enough. Now it's nothing but blood and guts. Not to mention TERRIBLE acting by scantily-clothed dimwits. The best part of the remake of House of Wax was when Paris Hilton bit the dust, and the only reason for that is because that was when she stopped being in the film.

I just find myself disappointed over and over again at these ridiculous movies that come out to such massive receptions, make billions of dollars and are just awful. Put Young Frankenstein or Breakfast Club back in theaters for a month. That would be money worth spending.

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