Friday, July 2, 2010

BIG NEWS ALERT: Megan Fox is a terrible actress.

*I know this is the second post in three days to diss an actress, but I saw this story on MSN and couldn't help myself*

Warner Bros. Bleeds Red Ink From 'Jonah Hex'

So apparently people are surprised to learn that Megan Fox's only talent lies in her bra. My question: WHY?

It was evident in both Transformers movies that the girl was only in the film as window dressing. She was given as few lines as possible, and they kept her skantily clothed throughout the entirety of both in the hopes that people wouldn't notice. Sorry Hollywood, but not all females think she's hot. Angelina Jolie, yes. Megan Fox, no. Am I the only one who saw her in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen? (I know it's entirely possible since that movie sucked, but hey, I have toddlers who like the Disney channel.) She was dreadful in that movie as well.

So now she's been booted out of Transformers 3 and her supposedly huge summer blockbuster is a bust. People also seem shocked to find out that she's a huge diva, rude to extras, crew and fans. Surprise, surprise. It's usually the famous people who know they have no talent that let stardom go straight to their air-filled heads. They dig their nails into fame as hard as possible because they know it will all be over as soon as everyone realizes they can't act. Or sing, for that matter.

There are a handful of gorgeous young women in Hollywood who could easily replace her, and all without the bitch stigma. Maybe now that she's married to what's-his-name from 90210 she'll retire and pop out some beautiful, evil spawns. We can only hope.

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