Friday, August 13, 2010

I'd like to thank....

Whatever you're doing right now, STOP.

I have been given. An. AWARD.

I feel like Jim Carrey in The Mask.

It's the Great Blog Award

from my good blogging bud Beatles and Booze. THANK YOU!

According to blogging rules, when you receive a blog award you must do the following:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Share seven things about you
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs
4. Let your nominees know about the award!

1. Already done, but again - thanks so much! Beatles and Booze is a really good (and somehow still relatively unknown) blog, and everyone should go check it out!

2. This is a weird one, because I feel like one of those self-obsessed people when I talk about myself. However, a rule is a rule...
  • I'm left-handed, but somewhat ambidextrious. I play all sports, cook and do various activities right-handed.
  • I love to sing. I've sang in church my entire life, and have also sang for a graduation and several weddings. (I actually considered "wedding singer" as a career once.)
  • I can juggle three balls. Like clowns in the circus, not Jenna Jameson. (Dirty-minded people.)
  • My favorite colors are LSU purple and gold.
  • I hope to someday FINISH a novel that I've started....and be published.
  • I'm terrified of driving over bridges.
  • In 8th grade my best friend Tiff and I spoke in a strictly Don Juan De Marco accent for two weeks straight.
3. I actually made my own award to give out:

I follow about 50 different blogs, and I have committed to read every single post by each of them. That's a lot of reading and commenting, and there are a few that I really look forward to reading. It wasn't 15, but here they are:

Beatles and Booze
Confessions of a Philly Girl
Cafe' Bellini
Fantasy Casting!
It's All Random
Wasting Words
Without Obsession Life Is Nothing
Sara Swears A Lot
Long Distance Love Affair

So here's to you guys. Thanks for entertaining me on a daily basis! :)

Go check 'em out and give 'em some love, because they deserve it!


  1. AWH shucks!
    My second award this month, I feel pretty awesome.
    I'll be sure to properly accept this bloody brilliant award when I've finished the ten million articles I volunteered to write to get "more writing experience". UGH.


  2. Aww thanks so much! I am so glad that my blog is one of your favs! I love yours also!

  3. wowowowowo!!!!!! that's my first award ever!!!!! :) sorry i got busy today... i will make time to catch up on everyone's blogs too. but for now... guess what's going on (and why I'm so busy)

    btw, i replied to you post here ...

    just to clear things up. lol

    thanks for theee award again!! HAPPY!! :)

  4. I'm terrified of bridges too! And I live in Florida. Man, there's a lot of water here :(

  5. congrats on your award! gotta luv Jim Carrey in The Mask :)
    and very cute Awesome Award you made!