Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Abnormal News Day

Normally I just pick one abnormal news story, but there are a few different stories that caught my attention this morning.  The kind of stories that make you do the head-tilt and "Say what?" noise.  You know, like dogs do. 

Just go with me on this.

Anyhoo, from cooking cats to plants growing inside the body, it's been a busy week in the weird news world.  So sit back, relax, have a cup 'o joe with a bagel, and enjoy.

Police discover cat "marinating" in car trunk

(I know, my first thought was "huh?" as well.)

According to MSN, a New York cop was performing a routine traffic stop when he heard meowing coming from the offender's trunk.  Further inspection led to the discovery of dude's adorable cat in a cage, covered in oil, crushed red peppers and chili peppers. 

I wish I had been there for the interrogation that followed.

Dude says his cat is ill-tempered, so as punishment he planned to COOK his cat.  Like a meal.  To eat. 


Aside from the obvious questions, one particular stood out:

If you were going to cook the cat for eating purposes, wouldn't you shave his hair off first?

Just a thought. 

Thankfully the cat was rescued, cleaned and put up for adoption.  Vegans only need apply, please.

Woman uses diaper in traffic beef

The chick in this story takes road rage to a whole new level.

While leaving a county fair, two women got stuck in traffic, and for reasons unknown got into a dispute.  One of the women decided the best way to make her point would be to get down 'n dirty.  Literally.

She took a dirty diaper - from where, I'm not sure - and smeared baby poop all over the other woman's windshield.

I'd say she won that argument.  She was, however, charged with harrassment. 

Oxford says no to "faboosh" words

Been waiting patiently for words like "cankles" and "tanorexia" to show up in the Oxford English Dictionary so you'll have permission to use them in that English essay about the difference between Kirstie Alley and George Hamilton? 

Too bad.

According to Oxford's senior assistant editor Fiona Mooring, current slang will not be included in the OED until there is sufficient evidence of their usage, preferably in published writings over a period of time.

A few examples of words that have yet to be accepted:

Chimping: the action or practice of immediately reviewing each shot taken using a digital camera (I do that.)

Chin-strap: a type of beard, shaped in a narrow strip along the jawline

Faboosh: fabulous

Flashpacking: luxurious backpacking

Twetiquette: Twitter etiquette

So, if you're hoping to see OMG, IDK, chillax, and other text-talk or slang words show up in the dictionary, don't hold your breath.  It'll be a good decade or two. 

Until then we'll just have to stick with Urban Dictionary.

Moving on...

Plant grows in man's lung

This story is just beyond bizarre. 

Dude is eating dinner.  Let's say it's baked chicken.  As a side, he has green peas.  One of those little guys decides to go down the wrong pipe and settles in dude's lung.  Pea then over time begins to GROW into a pea PLANT inside dude's LUNG. 


See the video below.

You'll think twice before hoovering your peas next time, won't you? 

I will.

That's all the abnormal news for today, kids!

In case I don't see ya....

good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!

(I may make this my "signature"...)


  1. Oh my, the cat story just breaks my heart! I am so glad they caught the person in time! That's horrible!!!

  2. Those are all very interesting...
    Did the cat guy get arrested for animal cruelty? The poor kitty...
    The guy with the pea growing in his lung, that is just amazing. I always thought plants needed sun light to grow...

  3. first, eww on the diaper news. lol

    second... chimping? lol what's the history behind that? i thought it was kinda something to do with chimps. chimping, like jumping like a chimp. lol

    third. ouccchie on the pea in the lung!!! scary!!!! how is that even possible...

  4. I don't eat cats, but seriously, someone needs to take that guy to a cooking class. I'm pretty sure that the animal should be dead and skinned before you season it...

  5. Yeah, the dude got arrested. I'd imagine the charges would be animal cruelty...

    I thought the same thing about "chimping." Sounds monkey-related.

    LOL Brandi!