Saturday, August 14, 2010


Last night hubs and I had a discussion about our freebies - celebrities we're allowed to hook up with if the opportunity ever presents itself.  This topic comes up whenever watching a movie or tv show starring one of our crushes.

We each have a list of hotties we would want to get down 'n dirty with if given the chance.  Mine is longer than his because he's ridiculously picky.  I don't think hubs is really all that concerned about my list because the only celebrities I've actually met in my life were Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding), Delta Burke, LeAnn Rimes, the dude who played Major Dad and various Christian musicians.

Under the Rule of the Freebie (because rules are necessary for something like this), one cannot get angry with spouse for taking advantage of such an opportunity, unless A) spouse is in California stalking object of affection or B) spouse goes looking for said affair - ie: going backstage at a concert /searching out celebrity on movie locations.  Also, the hooking up can only be a one-time thing.  There has to be limitations, after all.

So in the spirit of Hollywood crushes (because we all have at least one), I've decided to share my list with you.  This in no way is in the hopes that one of my listees will someday happen across this post and decide to pay me a visit....heheh.

Mark Harmon (aka Gibbs)

He's no surprise to those of you who regularly read my blog, since I wrote a love letter to him last month.  I adored Mark as carefree teacher Freddy Shoop in Summer School, and I love him now as an older but still incredibly sexy Leroy Jethro Gibbs.  Rawr.

Johnny Depp

I'm pretty sure this former "sexiest man alive" is on nearly every woman's freebie list.  There's something incredibly sexy about a chameleon, and Johnny Depp is one indeed.  Edward Scissorhands, Cry-Baby, Captain Jack Sparrow, The Mad Hatter, on and on goes the list of personas this brilliant babe has portrayed. 

Patrick Dempsey

Ronald Miller.  Dr. McDreamy.  Andrew Hennings.  Tom Bailey.  He was adorable as a nerd in the 80s (even with the awful dancing), and decades later he's still smokin' hot.  His family man satus just makes him that much more endearing.

Craig Ferguson

I've always considered a sense of humor to be incredibly sexy on a man.  Also sexy is an accent.  Put the two together with good looks and you have funnyman Craig Ferguson of The Late Late Show on CBS.  He's also the king of double entendres, which means more fun at parties. 

Ryan Reynolds

You really need no other explanation than to look at those abs.  Yummy.  However, this hunk is also funny.  Van Wilder showed off his.....uh.....assets, as well as his penchant for comedy.  He's also sarcasticly entertaining in The Proposal. 

As an addendum to my freebie list, I also have a extras list (sort of like honorable mentions).  These are the guys I can make out with, but no more.  Unless they ask nicely.  And we're in a different time zone. 

Colin Farrell
 Joshua Jackson
 Justin Timberlake
 Matthew McConaughey
 Richard Gere
 Zac Efron

MmmHmmm.  Yes indeedy. 

Also, since there are a very few guys who read my stuff, I've also decided to include the hubs' list.  Enjoy.

Ashley Judd
 Kate Beckinsale
 Salma Hayek
 Sandra Bullock

Editor's Note:  For those of you shaking your head and thinking we actually condone extramarital affairs - this whole Freebie thing is really just something we came up with out of boredom and for laughs.  


  1. I like to refer to this as the Guilt Free Three. Incidentally, mine are all named John (weird?): Jon Hamm (Mad Men's Don Draper), John Krasinski (Jim on the Office) and John Mayer.

  2. great choices!!! those are truly HOT MEN! lol

  3. It's also from an episode of Friends ;)

    Notice how the men's pictures are of them smiling and looking off into the distance pensively, and the women's pictures are of them wet, in bed and pouting? Weird...

  4. and because of Friends...duH!
    haha I love this, my list is always changing. I can't think of the people of the top of my head, I should start a list, then laminate it like Ross.

  5. Ohhh totally agree with Ryan Reynolds! After reading this post I now know what my "My 5 Monday" is going to be! Thanks!!

  6. Yeah John Krasinski is a cutie, but I don't know who the Mad Men guy is. I'll have to google him...

    Thanks guys! Of course Friends gave us the idea, we've been re-watching the entire series (for the fifth time!). Haven't gotten that far yet this time around, but that's one of my favorites!

    Gary'd laugh his butt off if I presented him with a laminated list!! I should do the rules too. How funny.

    That'll be great Nicole! Can't wait to read it!

  7. Holy Ryan Reynolds. MMMMMM. Your list is absolutely delicious Jess:)

  8. lol...hubby and I have had the same conversation.

    You picked some of my favorites hollywood hunks.
    Johnny Depp is really to die for. And Ryan Reynolds and his abs are amazing.
    Also on my list are Hugh Jackman, Leo DiCaprio and Gerard Butler :)

    My hubbys two picks are JLo and Jennifer