Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Celebration, A Giveaway, An Anniversary & Another Blog Award

First up, let me give a big 'ol


to Philly Girl over at Confessions of a Philly Girl. I gave her the Awesome Blog Award a few weeks ago, and when she selected her favorite blogs, she picked me as one! So....I have been awarded the award that I made!


Here it is, in all of its awesome glory:
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I'm just uber-excited and feel all warm and fuzzy inside about it .

But enough of that...

There are two - count 'em, TWO - big announcements I need to make today.

Number One:

In a mere six days the hubs and I will celebrate our third anniversary.
Yep, three years ago September 1st we tied the knot, signed our lives away, bought the cow, made the big leap, said adios to the single life....and any/all other marriage-related phrases.

(You don't need to share congrats or well-wishes or anything, I just felt like sharing it with y'all since we're all BFFs here.)

Number Two (and the announcement YOU, THE READER will be more interested in):

In a few days I will hit the milestone of

100th POST!
This is me when I realized I'm nearing 100 (minus the fur and whiskers).

In ridiculously dramatic celebration of this momumentous occasion, I have decided to do a GIVEAWAY.

I never thought I'd do one of these, but we've all gotta cave sometime, right?

So, here we go with the contest explanation and prizes...

I want YOU


to comment (on this post) your most hilarious first date story. To be specific, it can be hilarious in a good way OR in a bad way (because sometimes bad can be funny). Include details, but don't give me a mini novel. I'll read the hubs all of your stories, and he (in his infinite wisdom) will pick the best story, aka Most Fantabulous.

I decided to go with first date stories partly because of our anniversary, but mostly because I like to laugh and you people are all so wonderfully entertaining.

Our Most Fantabulous winner will get their choice of one of the following AWESOME t-shirts from 80sTees (I will order whatever specific size you need):

(Note: If none of these tickle your fancy, feel free to browse the 80sTees website and maybe we can get you another t-shirt of your choice - be considerate and pick one of the $20 shirts though, please.)

The Most Fantabulous winner will be announced in my 100th Post Celebration (in about five days or so), which will be a post ALL ABOUT ME.

I know, you can't wait. It's okay to be excited.

So, if you have any questions (which you shouldn't because this was pretty detailed) about the contest or my general awesomeness, feel free to comment me or hit me up on the email:

Love, peace and chicken grease, y'all!


  1. OK, so I don't care if I win or not, I just think I have the worst first date story ever. The guy had asked me out (seriously) 15 times. I said no over and over again. A friend got annoyed and said, "It won't kill you to just go out with him once" I tell you this: it almost did kill me.

    He let me pick the restaurant, but then sat on the same side of the booth with me. Awkward.

    Then we went bowling. Which is fun in a group. One on one, though, means that you spend a lot of time looking at the backside of the person you're with. Great for him, not so great for me (not that I'm conceited, I just had a nice ass when I was 18).

    He then drove around (Phoenix- big city) for nearly an hour and wouldn't tell me where we were going. When he finally admitted he was lost, he said he was looking for (in not so many words) a make-out spot on a mountain.

    I told him I had a 9:30 curfew and that I needed to be home immediately.

  2. oh jess~!!!! please pardon me i haven't started blogging about the award post. im still gathering my energy to make the post. it's hard to think facts about myself! and i will have to take more time to think about those 15 blogs to nominate :)

    but wait. i dont get it.. so if we keep on nominating.. wait does this have a deadline??

  3. Boyfriend and I were supposed to go on a blind date that our friends arranged but our schedules just kept clashing. When I had free time, he was at work or school and vice versa. So we friended each other on Facebook & exchanged numbers.

    Well at the New Moon DVD midnight release, he called and asked me what I was up to. I was kind of embarrassed to tell him, but I did.

    Ten minutes later, some guy walked up to me while I was in line with my Team Jacob shirt on and says, "It is such a pleasure to finally meet you."

    Then it hit me who he was. I threw my arms around him and we hugged like we'd known each other in a previous life or something. It was like I missed him but I hadn't even met him. My friends thought it was creepy that he surprised me like that, but I thought it was nice. Maybe that's why we love each other so much now :)

    Congrats Jess on your 100th post.

  4. Oh my god *hyperventalating* this is the best giveaway EVER.

    Fuck, first date story...ok, here goes.

    I went for a drink with this guy who I met in a club back home, he was ok looking and I was desperate so I thought what the hell. Everything was going ok apart from his taste in movies, he said (and I remember it clearly), "I don't really watch movies but I love Vin Diesel" *groan*. He walked me home, was about to kiss me and then stared at me directly in the eyes and said "I would kiss you but you've been eating garlic and I'm allergic". NO FUCKING LIE.

    I'm glad he didn't kiss me, bloody Vin Diesel movies, what a douchebag. Suffice to say I didn't see him again.

  5. awwww...happy anniversary.

    Congrats on your 100th post too.

    And what a great giveaway!
    I had an awful first date when I was about 18. I was set up with a guy and we went on a blind date to a chain restaurant. Where he proceeded to order JUST dessert with TWO spoons for us. NO MEAL!!! I took about two bites of our shared chocolate cake to be polite. After the cheapo took me home, I didn't even give him a kiss on the cheek. He had the nerve to ask if he could call me

  6. I'm glad you guys are liking the giveaway! :) Also, psyched to see people actually partaking in the contest (I was worried I'd be like that fat kid in little league who always gets picked last)!

    I've been receiving stories via personal email, and also people who don't have their own blogs are commenting on my NetworkedBlog feed through Facebook, so this should get REALLY interesting before it's over with!

    The best will be reading all of the stories to the hubs!

    Also, thanks for the congrats and happy anniversary wishes! You guys are just really happenin' in a far out way. :P

  7. My battery's dying but I'm posting my date story as soon as I get home tonight! Wohooo! Awesome giveaway, btw!

  8. Okay, I've been scratching my head for days, trying to think of a better date story. But I don't have one, so here's my totally lame-o date story.

    When I was 16, and on an "off" month with now hubby, I went on a "date" with a guy, whose older brother had to drive us around (he was at least 6 months older than me, and I had a junker...). When we got to the movie theater, we had to see a Disney movie. I don't even remember which one, and not for a fun reason like I was too busy sucking face. It was awkward, and future hubby and I got back together pretty quickly.


  9. This was like 4 years ago, I was 20...

    OK, so there was this guy named Will and I had THE BIGGEST crush on him. He was H-A-W-T! My friends knew this,his friends knew, basically everyone knew but him. Apparently, he had the same feelings because he asked me out.

    We did the usual dinner and movie. I had on a cute lil' tank top and shorts combo. I wasn't plannin' on giving him any on the first date, but apparently my clothes had a mind of their own.

    We're at his house kissing and my damn tank top strap broke! I didn't have a bra on because it was one of those built in shelf bra contraptions.

    He thought I took it off on purpose, despite the look of horror on my face and said this and I quote, "Wow, I haven't had some sex in a while."

    First of all, "some sex"? Seriously?

    I grabbed my boob and told him to get me a Bob damned t-shirt, freakin ASAP! I went home immediately! I was embarassed, but he should be more embarassed about saying "some sex".

    Damn, I know you said not to write a novel. My bad! I tend to ramble. OK bye!

  10. I'm back. Here goes my date story, although it isn't much of a story.

    My first year in London. This guy from work keeps asking me out. I keep refusing because of some unfinished business I have (or thought I had) with the boyfriend back in Italy. A couple of months later I cave, and take up his offer to go for coffee on a Sunday afternoon. The guy had always been super nice to me, and he seemed like a genuine and serious guy in general.
    Boy, was I wrong!?!
    We meet up near my underground station. I take three steps towards him to greet him, he grabs ahold of me, pulls me close and gives me a full blown kiss on the lips. I'm like - OKAY!?? I thought you were shy!!!
    But it doesn't stop there. We approach the zebra lines to cross the street, and while we are standing and waiting at the traffic lights he leans over and slides his hand down my back and right into my pants and panties. I turn around shocked and glare at him, biting my lips not to scream and make a scene. Trying to remain calm and be polite, I ask him what's up with the embarassing gropefest, and he says he hasn't been on a date in a long time and doesn't know how to control the excitement. I tell him we are just going to have a chat over coffee anyway, so nothing to be excited about, and that if he doesn't behave I'll just turn around and leave. He begs me to stay, he almost shouts to the point that people on the way stop to look at us and give me concerned looks. We get to Starbucks and we order our coffees and cakes. I sit down on the mini-couch, and he sits down next to me...just a couple inches too close for comfort. The cakes arrive. I take a bite of mine and he picks up a piece of his in his hands..only to go and drop it not down but INSIDE my top. Next thing I know his hand is down my tshirt and his fingers are insinuating themselves inside my bra. Why of course, he's JUST TRYING TO TAKE OUT THAT PIECE OF CAKE HE'S *ACCIDENTALLY* DROPPED DOWN THERE!
    I'm angry and outraged, and needless to say our date ends right that second. It freaks me out so much I almost put out a warning about the pervert at the office. Just, eewwww!
    So much for trusting seemingly nice guys!