Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's going to jail for 90 days. Riiiiiiiiiight.

Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90 days in jail

Breaking news: another young drunken star sentenced to actual jail time. Lindsay Lohan, Hollywood's resident bad girl for the past few years (well, ever since Paris calmed down and Nicole got knocked up) has finally pushed the legal system to its limit. According to reports, the actress violated her three-year probation by failing to attend a court-ordered alcohol education class.

If we're being honest here, you can't really blame the girl for thinking it would be no big deal if she bailed on the classes. How many celebrities have shirked responsibility and punishment time and time again, only to be slapped on the hand and scolded like a child caught stealing cookies before dinnertime? It's always been understood that if you're famous, the system works differently, more leniently. The rules that apply to the rest of the world simply do not count when you consider the great contribution celebrities make to the world. Ha. Not to mention the exhorbitant amount of money stars pay their attorneys.

We, as the general public, are always shocked to learn about our favorite (or least favorite, in this case) actors, musicians, etc. being sentenced hard time in an actual prison. History shows that usually the star is booked, has a hugely publicized court date/trial and either gets sentenced to "time already served" or around 30 days, of which only 7-14 are served. Not to mention the fact that they never go straight from the courthouse to prison. They get about a month to get their affairs in order before having to report to the correctional facility. That part I never understood. Does Average Joe get to take a month off before turning himself in to Deputy Bob to serve his time? Of course not. So why do all of the celebrities?

Maybe this time the prisoner will actually serve the entirety of the sentence? Doubtful. I'm afraid Lady Justice is not always as blind as she'd like us to think.

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