Friday, July 9, 2010

Lovey-dovey day

Perhaps it's due to an overload of the soft rock that's been playing (randomly, not intentionally) on my ipod all day, but I'm feeling rather romantic today. Don't get me wrong, I will never be one to wax poetic about the endless wonders of true love and soul mates and all of that nonsense. I'm a tad more practical. However, I do feel a great deal of appreciation for my husband today.

Gary and I have been on a joint staycation this week with the kiddos, and it's been fabulous. Every single lazy, tv-rerun, cereal-for-dinner moment has been utterly wonderful. Prior to our time off I was a little concerned that spending so much time together without a break would cause some bickering. I'm not so naive to think married couples actually enjoy being together 24/7 all the time, but imagine my surprise in discovering it is possible in small increments - say, a week once a year.

The only argument - albiet a small one - to take place occurred over my vertically-blessed man grabbing the wrong baking dish out of the cabinet. The nerve of him. I fussed, he stomped angrily to the bedroom. Two minutes later we were laughing at his dramatic exit. (He's never been one to argue, which is a good thing, although sometimes I wish he would get a little angry once in a while. It can be frustrating to want to have a yelling match and your opponent refuses to join in.)

We're coming up on our three-year anniversary. Doesn't seem like we've been married that long, but at the same time I feel like I've had the urge to strangle him at least a hundred times. (Don't pretend to be shocked, all of you married people understand me completely.) Yet as painstakingly annoying as he can be sometimes, he is still the kindest, most honest, gentle, trustworthy and loving man I've ever met. He still opens doors for me, holds my hand in the car and in public, does little acts of love to remind me that he loves me. Sweetness in one of its best forms.

As far as child duty goes, Gary is above par. He's great with the feeding, bathing, story-time, play time, etc. The only area he's difficult with is diaper changing time. His argument: weak stomach. Wuss. Still, he's an all-around good dad, who is sweet enough to entertain the girls while Mommy tries to focus long enough to write blogs...

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