Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thongs vs. Granny Panties: A New Idea For The Great Debate

Now, before you roll your eyes and mumble something about having heard every possible side of this argument since the creation of the buttcrack dental floss known as thongs, I assure you this is an entirely new idea. Well, new to me. Here we go...

Whenever the discussion/argument/protests about the thong vs. panty debate arise, it's usually centered around two things: comfort or fashion. The general consensus is if you're going for fashion, you're a thong girl. Comfort, panties. The majority of men obviously prefer thongs, and are usually only okay with their girl wearing granny panties if she is A) on her period; B) pregnant; C) hanging out with one of her guy friends.

Women have voiced different reasons for going granny on occasion, but I have never before heard the reason given to me recently by a sexy, beautiful, middle-aged woman. We'll call her Jane.

Jane, myself and another woman (we'll call her Eve) were spending quality time together one day, and the great debate came up. Eve and myself, being aware of our friend Jane's preference for dependable cotton grannies, were trying pitifully to convince her of the necessity for sexy undies. We knew thongs were out of the question - you've got to ease them in gently - but were going on incessantly about all of the cute alternatives out there. Boyshorts, bikini cut, etc. At least she could add some color to her current collection. Stripes. Polka dots. Something.

Jane let us ramble on for a few minutes, then cleared her throat as if to let us know she was about to impart some great wisdom. She was. "Did you ever stop to think that if I were to start wearing sexy undies, my husband would expect more sex?"

At that moment, it was like the clouds drifted away, the skies opened up and a bolt of lightening hit me square on the head. She wears granny panties as a defense from her horny old husband? It's genius! Eve and I sat there stunned, saying nothing. Just taking in the wisdom of this wonderful woman.

After a moment the laughter took over. We promised to never attempt to force her to buy sexy undies ever again. Long live the granny panty!


  1. WOW!!! That's just sad... lol

  2. Absolutely brilliant! How funny is that?!

  3. Actually, men, real mean really don't care. A guy wont say oh mannn shes in granny panties I totally don't want to have sex with her right now lol.

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