Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hollywood Hooplah (with a little bit of Face Punch grouchiness thrown in)

While most of us normal citizens of the world are going about our unimportant little lives, the royalty of Hollywood continuously gives us excellent material for watercooler chats - or, more appropriately, blog posts.  Here's what's happening in the land of the beautiful this week...

Paris Hilton arrested for drugs......again

Looks like Lindsay and Paris are playing Prison Tag.

The infamous hotel heiress was busted last night in Las Vegas with COCAINE.  According to police, a vehicle was spotted with smoke wafting out of it that smelled suspiciously similar to marijuana.  A routine traffic stop revealed Paris and an unnamed male driver enjoying some reefer while they drove aimlessly through the city.  The arresting officer then found a substance in Hilton's pocket that was later determined to be cocaine. 

Wait, don't tell me....she'll use the same line Lohan used: "It wasn't my pants!"

Heidi has a change of......uh.....heart

With the attention from her split with Pratt dying down, the attention whore needed a new subject to whine to the press about, and this is it:  she regrets having her boobs done. 

Heidi has whined to MSN, MTV and anyone else who'll listen about her post-surgical enhancement depression.  She says, and I quote, "I'm desperate to go back to normal......It's heartbreaking. I can't live an everyday life." 

Oh, I'm so sorry that your huge fake boobs make your life miserable, Heidi.  You know, the ones you just HAD to have, along with the new nose and various other alterations.  God forbid you spend your money on a worthy cause, like, say the homeless or starving kids in Indonesia.  Nope, you spend ridiculous amounts of money on surgery to look like a Malibu Barbie, only to change your mind less than a year later. 

On top of this, she's COMPLAINING becauser her plastic surgeon DIED.  Yep, poor Doc dies in a tragic car accident, and all she cares about is that she now has to find a new doctor.  Could she be anymore selfish?

It's the Sean-Jean Battle of Words

Sean Penn is not happy with Wyclef Jean.  Not at all.

Penn made remarks about Jean's attempt to run for President of Haiti when the singer first made his intentions known.  Jean's candidacy bid was refused, which calmed activist Penn down a bit.  Earlier this week, however, Jean announced his plans to fight the decision and do whatever needs to be done to run for President.

Penn has really good points defending his position on the matter - I agree with all of them - which just makes Jean all the more angry and increases the name-calling.  Penn believes that Jean has used his celebrity in a useful way for the earthquake assistance, but that's where it should stop.  He made references to Jean's absense in Haiti during the last six months, as Penn has been there with various other celebrities participating in the relief effort.  Penn feels, as do I, that just because you're a celebrity does not mean you're qualified to run a country. 

Well that's all of the stuff going on in Hollywood right now that's even remotely interesting. 



  1. I got a text alert from E! informing me of Paris's arrest this morning. I have a feeling she will be making an appearance in my Sick of Them Saturday post next week. I am pretty sure I don't like Heidi at all. I am surprised it took her this long to regret all the surgeries. It is sad about her doc though I feel bad for his family NOT her. Sean Penn kinda annoys me though. Not so much about this, just in general. I do like his acting though

  2. Is it bad that I feel sorry for Heidi?

  3. Paris Hilton is so yesterday.. and I think she realized it already and that's why she's pissed off at KIM (whom I just love lol) ... Heidi knew what she was getting into with that size of implants.. of course her doctor told her about it,every plastic surgeon is obliged by law to do so.. to inform about the realities of the different sizes.. so I DON'T feel a bit bad for her..

  4. I really cant stand Paris Hiton. The sound of her voice annoys I don't like Heide either.
    I did hear Wyclef Jean wanted to run for president. I dont know why though.

  5. You've won an award. Go to my blog to check it out!