Friday, August 27, 2010

Fantabulous Friday

Oh, happy day.

It's CHICKA CHICKA YEAH Friday, y'all. School was great. I think I'm finally getting back into the swing of things (hey, don't judge, it's harder when you get old). Had my first test since starting back and ACED it like the genius my Mom thinks I am (love you Momma!). But enough of that...

I was pleasantly surprised to see stories popping up in the comments of my
post. I also received additional stories in my private email, and have had people asking if they could post a story in my NetworkedBlogs feed on Facebook. Before it's all over with I should have a plethora of stories to read to hubs, which is just FANTABULOUS. Apparently you folks like t-shirts. (But who doesn't?!)

So, although typically I'd make some sort of list of fantabulous things for y'all today, I have massive amounts of homework, studying and a project to work on, which will take up the majority of my weekend, so you'll just have to settle for this:

This dude - and I call him dude because he's obviously smoked something in his life - was out surfing with his buds and noticed


swimming around beneath them in the ocean. So what does he do? Does he jump up and run across the water (which I think I might be able to do if I saw a shark - I fully believe Jesus would help me out on this one) to safety, never to return to the water again? Oh, no. Not this dude.

He goes home, rigs a camera to a pole, GOES BACK OUT INTO THE WATER IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT the next day and records the GIANT SHARKS (there's two) swimming around them in circles. For thirty minutes.

I'm convinced this guy is missing brain cells, because honestly, WHO does that?! Did he never see Jaws?

Anyhoo, the video is below, so check it out and form your own opinions of crazy dude.

Oh and hey, if you haven't submitted a hilarious first date story yet, go to my previous post and DO IT (like Nike, but without the cool check mark).

And have a FANTABULOUS weekend!


  1. LOL!!! HE is CRAZY!!!!! I would run across the water like you hahahhaha but trust me, I'd be faster than LIGHT! LOL
    and congrats on this being your 100th post!! :) yay!

  2. Whoooa holy crap he is mad!

  3. oh my gosh, is he nuts!!!
    enjoy your weekend :)